Get Paid to Share Your Photos

Get paid sharing your photos or share your photos and your sponsors will get paid for it. Share your old family pics and your grinning granny gets posted all over the internet. Just kidding here.

Shareapic is a free image hosting and photo sharing services site. The simple idea in here is that you upload your images for free then simply copy and paste the code and post the respective thumbnails on your make money online blog, website, ebay auctions, and social network profiles. When someone clicks on those thumbnails and view the actual pics on’s site, you get paid.

You can even add your own Bidvertiser code and earn more extra cents when someone clicks on the ads. Google banned this site for using its Adsense because of allegedly fraudulent clicks performed by some abusive members.

This revenue sharing scheme is somewhat geared towards quickly gathering massive users to the system. The owners underlying motive is to either rival the well established free image hosting websites such as Photobucket, Imageshack, and Flickr or they are eyeing for a future buy-out scenario once the membership has reached the desired number. Well, whatever it is, that’s their business.

Anyway, if you are looking for ways to save some of your bandwidth you can utilize Shareapic to host some of your images. Your extra benefit is you’ll get paid when someone views it. You will be paid $0.22 per 1000 pic views. You can even refer a new user and earn 10% of their image views.

According to Shareapic you can:

  • Upload and store unlimited pictures with no file size restrictions
  • Create unlimited shareapic public galleries
  • Link them to blogs, MySpace, eBay, forums etc
  • Add your Bidvertiser © code to your image and gallery pages

If you’re serious in making money with, you can get massive views by joining forums that are related to your uploaded images. For example, your images are about fast cars then it would be preferable to join forums with topics about cars.


  • Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal

    This is good, I looked into one called Photrade, but they’re still “Invite only” and that’s been months. So I’ll see what these guys are up to. I get 30 percent of my traffic from people looking for my images.

  • timsdd

    Watch out if you get foreign traffic @ SaP…they will penalize you big time!!!

    I got some once…I have been stuck with a 30% pro-rated payout ever since!!!!