Get Paid to Answer Surveys

How would you like to earn money simply by answering paid surveys?

Taking paid surveys can be an easy way to earn extra income online. You can do this at your free time for at least 5 minutes only. If you have a regular job then you can schedule to fill out your paid surveys during your most convenient time after work. Unfortunately, paid surveys can be one of the most scam infested home based business today.

Here are some common questions regarding paid surveys:

Why they pay you?
You are getting paid to take surveys because many companies want to know your opinion about a particular product. Large companies have been using market research for decades to find out how people feel about their products and services. Paid online surveys give these companies direct access to the public. The payment is calculated based on the importance of the product and the difficulty the company has to gain serious insights on it.

Is it necessary to pay for membership or sign-up fee to participate in paid surveys?

No. Paid surveys should be freely available on the internet. The actual market research companies will never ask you to pay any membership fee or sign-up fee to participate in their market survey campaigns.

Is it necessary to pay someone to get a list of paid survey companies?

No, it is not necessary to pay for this information. If you do a bit of searching you should easily find a free source of paid surveys.

But if you want to save your time sifting through all the paid survey scams then you could look for legitimate paid survey companies such as 123 Cash Surveys that can give your quality high paying paid surveys. You can read more about this program at this 123 Cash Surveys Scam Review.

Can I get rich by taking paid surveys?
You can make several hundred dollars each month but you won’t get rich. How much you’ll make depends on a lot of factors, factors including your own personal information, how many companies you register with, your demographic location, and how reliable you are in responding to surveys that are sent to you.

How much will I earn per survey?
Each survey pays differently usually from $1 to $150 (but $150 very rare) and can take as few as 5 minutes up to 30 minutes depending on your browser speed.

How do I start to participate in paid surveys?
First you register and give them some basic information about yourself. After registering you can log into your account at their website and fill in additional more detailed profile information.

This helps the survey researchers match you with appropriate surveys. When a survey that matches your profile becomes available you will get an email with a link to the site you need to go to participate.

Here is a paid survey program you should try: Cash Surveys