Funny Blog Testing Tools

What level of education is required to understand your blog? It’s time to have fun. I found this funny blog testing tool at Pinay Mommy Online’s post. She got her blog a readability level of a genius. Wow, her readers must be geniuses in order to understand her writing. Being curious, I submitted my url and this is the result:

Readability test

Does that mean I write like a high school? Funny tool indeed haha. For me, it would be best if high schools can easily understand my simple writing style. You can try it here.

What’s your site worth? What if you were given the option to sell your blog? Here’s another funny blog testing tool that can calculate the value of your website (really? well that’s what they claim). I submitted and this is what it showed:

My site is worth $78.
How much is yours worth?

Wow, my blog is so cheap! Will you buy it? Lol.

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  • this is really a funny quiz. anyway, i wondered why i got that score for my blogs. i used plain English grammar as possible since i don’t want to overdo how i write things.

    anyway, the blog worth thing is based on technorati authority i guess. the more the authority, the higher the value.

    thanks for linking in by the way…hope you can drop by my other blog too at thanks!

  • Blake Butler

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