Freelance Writing Jobs

Journalists, editors, bloggers, article writers, travelers, encyclopedia authors, translators or e-book writers could all fit into the broader definition of ‘freelance writing‘ as long as they are self-employed.

With the Internet boom and the huge need for information and published materials, writing has become the main job of many people. Just as you are reading these lines, you should probably guess that I’m a professional writer who speaks from an insider’s perspective in this field of activity.

In order to convert into a business, freelance writing ought to meet several conditions. First of all, the professional should have some form of academic training, a degree in Humanities or Journalism to have fluency and a nice flow of the phrase.

[hmtad name=”Odesk” align=”floatright”]Grammar and spelling correctness are also essential, and they usually derive from some form of superior training. Despite the numerous software tools that now assist writers with their desk tasks, phrasing a paragraph correctly still requires an ounce of skill.

Experience in freelance writing further matters for an independent career. Articles published in various magazines for instance, blogs and websites, travel journals become valuable work foundation for this profession.

A legal background is also required for freelance writing. You should comply with the tax regulation in your state of residence. This means quite a bit of paperwork to be completed regularly. Falling behind on your paperwork could make it a more cumbersome task when you have to fill in the tax forms.

Freelance writing has many rewards for a professional. One has the chance to write about what he/she knows best, and make a revenue from personal writing skills. I have personally often had the impression that my work does indeed matters to others in a very good sense. Which gives a sense of fulfillment to one’s life indeed.

freelance writing jobsThe downside of a freelance writing career comes from the very specificity of self-employment. You don’t get paid for vacations or for any other leave. A day away from your computer is a day without payment. You have to make savings to cover for the time you’ll need to take a break.

Last but not least, there is tough competition in freelance writing, precisely because of the enticing perspective of an independent career.

When you are in the early stages of making the business work, obstacles and hardships come along the way. Skills, patience and good marketing will get you safely to the other shore, helping kick start your career.