Freelance Web Developer

Getting started probably represents the biggest problem when you have the skills and the knowledge to build websites, yet you don’t have a portfolio of clients. Lots of people build work experience and a reputation as a freelance web developer by volunteering to build websites for others.

Eventually, you will find someone who will pay you to make their site. Volunteering web development gets your name out there. You can’t ignore neither the exposure this brings you, not the fact that it gives you confidence to refer potential clients to previous projects.

Don’t cover all the tasks yourself!

[hmtad name=”Odesk” align=”floatright”]A freelance web developer does not necessarily have to know everything about what the client wants. Many thriving independent workers subcontract when they need more advanced help, particularly for very technical parts.

There are freelancers who don’t even have a computer science degree and still make loads of money from web development projects. It certainly doesn’t hurt to have a degree and a diploma, because academic education speaks of higher reliability, yet it’s not the sole prerequisite for a freelance web developer’s success.

Choose your niche!

A freelance web developer has more chances of earning a serious revenue if he/she targets a certain niche. There are web developers who work for small and large businesses, others target non-profit organizations, personal pages or local clients who need a neighborhood touch in their web presentation. You can’t waste your energy for something that you are not good at. Follow your preferences as a freelance web developer when it comes to selecting the right niche!

Promote your services!

freelance web developingMake sure you include your business information in your email signature. Your website is also the mirror for your activity, therefore it has to clearly show that you do web development.

If you haven’t enough work just yet, continue volunteering because word of mouth spreads, and functions as one of the most powerful promotion methods.

A freelance web developer can gain a solid reputation by taking over pro bono cases even when he/she has paid projects to work on in parallel.

A freelance web developer usually works out of a home office, enjoying a flexible schedule. When a web developer finds the right mix for his/her career, it’s highly unlikely to ever consider a change of job. Don’t be afraid to get started as a freelance web developer. No matter how difficult it seems at the beginning, things get better!