Freelance Travel Writing

Freelance travel writing usually begins with small jobs, and things tend to grow from there. Needless to say that such a profession takes time, flexibility and no family life that keeps you attached to one place.

That part about personal life also depends on the size of the freelance travel projects that you take over. It’s difficult to raise a family and be part of children’s life when you spend most of your days on the road. Knowing these helps you figure out if freelance travel is a good option for you or not.

There are several ways you can make money from freelance travel. You can write great stories and sell them. You can take saleable pictures. You can review hotels, Bed and Breakfast establishments or provide touristic tips on various locations.

[hmtad name=”Odesk” align=”floatright”]The kind of freelance travel arrangement that you make depends on your education, skills and previous work experience. For some people, such a career fits like a glove, particularly if it makes the travel dream come true.

For freelance travel writing, good writing skills especially strong descriptive modes matter a lot. This is one of the reasons why not exactly anybody is suitable for the job. If you haven’t worked with a professional photo camera before, it’s highly unlikely that you will wake up one morning and decide to become a freelance travel photographer. There must be an element in your professional or personal background that qualifies you for such a career.

There are numerous websites that promote freelance travel projects, depicting happy people in this business. They make it sound like there couldn’t be anything more rewarding than freelance travel writing or photography, that a freelance travel career would be the answer to your professional problems.

Well, this pinkish image of success, sounds too good to be true, and the websites that promote it have an interest in doing so.

Everybody who takes up freelance travel jobs has the temperament and the work experience that qualifies him/her for travel projects.

Some institutions now offer an education in travel writing for example. You can take one such course to kick start your freelance travel writing career, yet, you have to make really good stories that you could sell.

Travel and non-travel publications may be interested in your stories if they provide something unique, a touching perspective and they send a message to the reader. Some people become drawn into such a profession after being inspired by their personal travels to put their impressions into words. Only you can tell if you are that kind of person…