Freelance Publishing

Freelance publishing may seem difficult for someone who is just at the beginning of their writing career. Let’s say you’ve written some articles and you want to find the right way to get them published in a magazine.

The problem lies precisely in the fact that many freelance writers first write their materials and then want to sell them. You should start by sending off some queries to find out what editors are interested in seeing and buying, and then get your skills to work.

In case you have written the articles, you can send it to a specific editor with a cover letter explaining who you are and what you are enclosing.

How to write the query!

Also known as the query letter, the query represents the primary tool for successful freelance publishing.

  • This is a one-page proposal.
  • The query follows a business letter format.
  • The purpose is for the freelancer to offer to write a specific piece for a specific magazine.
  • Address it to a specific editor at the magazine, always by name.

[hmtad name=”Odesk” align=”floatright”]Begin with a lead paragraph, then continue with description of the focus, angle, format and the sources, if any. You should also include information on yourself and what qualifies you as the right person to write the material. Inform the editor about photos and timing.

Not successful with freelance publishing?

Freelance writers often take courses to improve their writing skills. It could also be a matter of knowing how to sell yourself. The above mentioned tips could be a good start for improved freelance publishing.

You should also be realistic about your chances to get published, given the fact that competition is very tough and that the market is very competitive. Some people are lucky enough to get published without even pursuing this goal. It just happens to them one day.

freelance publishingAs not everybody gets such a chance, the majority of writers who strive for freelance publishing have to work hard to improve their skills and prove their worth to editors.

If you don’t get to write for a magazine or a local newspaper, there are always blogs and websites where you can publish your work.

The Internet now gives everybody a chance to express themselves and even make money with freelance publishing.

Article marketing has become a powerful tool for business promotion, and nearly every business that has an online website needs content. That could be a freelancer’s chance for publishing.