Freelance Editing Jobs

There are many professional editors who run an independent online business, taking all sorts of contracts for formatting, style improvement and text accuracy for various materials meant for publishing. A general freelance editing job would also involve changing the text substance whenever necessary.

Freelance editing jobs appear in other fields of activity, without being necessarily related to the written word. The process of editing works for visual arts, film and audio files as well, often dealing with correction, organization and condensation of video-recorded materials.

Throughout any freelance editing project, the editor and the author should work together in order to achieve coherence and continuity in the end result. Creativity is just as important as human relations for any freelance editing task, because unlike copy-editing, the editor interferes in the material that is subject to modification.

[hmtad name=”Odesk” align=”floatleft”]The editor follows his/her vision of the end-product, and that’s why he/she needs to work closely with the author, so that things don’t get left out and the overall result is one of completeness.

A professional who develops a freelance editing career needs a starting point and some work experience. Those that become most successful in such a business, have academic education or specialized training that qualifies them for the various editing jobs.

Copy-editing for example is presently outsourced to freelance editors by all major publications in the printed media. For technical editing, more specialized knowledge is required. Technical editors often work as part of specific departments in companies, although they also thrive in freelance editing domains as well.

Lots of people choose to take jobs in parallel for their freelance editing projects and their regular work. There are part time and full-time editing tasks, and it is up for the editor to decide how to schedule all the specific activities.

freelance editing jobsEditing in general requires a lot of patience, the ability to work on details without losing sight of the bigger picture and lots of commitment. All the tasks are handled at the computer, with eight or ten hours of work per day. It’s not exactly easy, hence freelance editing may not sound appealing just for anyone.

There is also serious competition among freelance editing professionals. The more experienced the editor, the higher in demand he/she will be and the better the payment. Revenue is one major issue with editing, because such hard work is not always remunerated for its real value. It suffices to compare freelance editing with other independent activities such as software design to understand the difference.