Free Photos For Your Blog

As we all know photos can bring big impact on our blog articles because it can grab our reader’s attention, help us illustrate our points, and can beautify our blogs.

You can buy premium images out there but if you’re heavy on using photos on every article you might spend lots of money more than you can make. But why pay money to put someone’s photos in an article? After all we can find lots of free to use photos out there, right?

If you’re looking for free stock photos then let me share some of the sites where I usually get free to use images for my blog.

1. SXC. One of my favorites and has been the main source of images used in this site. As the site claims, SXC is a friendly community of photography addicts who generously offer their works to those who need them free of charge. If you’re a photographer then you may want to share some of your photos here to get more exposure for your work.

Here, you can browse over tons of royalty free and high resolution photos which you can even use as desktop wallpaper. The site covers a wide variety of photo subjects such as weight loss, construction, business, money, health, internet, animals, nature, people, clothing, jewelry, and many more. These are all family friendly pictures. No watermarks.

Note: Below each of their gallery pages are commercial grade images which are available only for subscribers of (SXC’s sister company). Of course that’s where they make money. You might get confused because the two sites have very similar web template.

2. Dreamstime. Just like SXC you can search and download high resolution stock images for free. Dreamstime FREE images area has limited pics though, but you have the option to purchase RF licensed images. The heavy traffic of this section offers photographers the opportunity to achieve great portfolio exposure here by offering free images.

3. FreeDigital Photos. This site offers high quality photos for free but if you need a higher quality for your design projects you have to purchase the higher resolution version. If you just want to use it for your blog or site the web quality version is totally free but they require you to give credit by backlinking.

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  • AMiRU

    Thanks for sharing those sites, images are always helping blogger to attract visitors to read their post.