Free Magazines For Webmasters and Bloggers

The following are some of the free magazines that can be particularly helpful for webmasters and bloggers. Just click on the magazine of your choice and you’ll to redirected into a page where you can request or subscribe for your free copy.

1. The Road to Revenue: 8 Surefire Strategies for Monetizing Your B2B Website.

Surefire Strategies for Monetizing Your B2B Website You know your industry. You know your audience. But do you know how to make your B2B website start making more money for you? Discover how to maximize your revenue potential by utilizing the traffic you already have.

2. 12 SEO Campaign Killers.

SEO Campaign Killers Learn how to avoid some critical mistakes marketers make when rolling out search engine optimization strategies. Other critical topics include: training, thinking holistically, ROI considerations, ranking analysis, and what link bait really means.

3. Website Magazine.

Website Magazine A free magazine offering practical advice and helpful tools from industry experts to help any website achieve Internet success.

4. Designing Websites for Multivariate Testing: Top 3 Tips to Ensure Your Success.

Designing Websites for Multivariate Testing Learn multivariate testing, a technique that enables your visitors to tell you what’s working on your site and what isn’t. Learn how to reach your marketing goal and gain the competitive advantage that makes it possible to out-test, out-learn and out-optimize competitors.

5. 5 Ways You May Be Hindering Your Own Multivariate Tests.

Ways You May Be Hindering Your Own Multivariate Tests There are at least five things that you might be doing that could be hindering the success of your tests. Find out how you can improve your multivariate test results to maximize the success of future campaigns.

6. Social Media Marketing: 12 Essential Tips for Success.

Social Media Marketing With all the hype surrounding social media and consumer–generated content, marketers need clear and simple information to make sense of this new and powerful trend.

7. Marketing Management In A Web 2.0 World.

Marketing Management In A Web 2.0 World This collection of best practices discusses the upgraded tools that most online marketers use to communicate with customers.

8. The PHP Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks, 2nd Edition.

The PHP Anthology The PHP Anthology will save you time, and eliminate the frustration of completing PHP tasks, with a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use solutions.

9. Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click: A Holistic Approach.

Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Learn how pay-per-click (PPC) and natural search engine optimization (SEO) can work hand in hand to help your business better connect with new customers.

10. Online Fraud Report – 2008 Edition.

Online Fraud Report This year’s study found that online merchants estimate they lose 1.4% of their revenues to fraud or over $3.6 Billion in annual sales. Read about this and over 25 other fraud management benchmarks, trends and practices.

11. The Dawn of a New Industry – Internet Video Production and Marketing.

Internet Video Production and Marketing Learn what it takes to produce online videos that drive sales, leads and publicity for your business.