Free File Sharing and Revenue Earning Sites

It seems that there are numerous free file sharing sites that have crop up on the net today. This is probably due to the reason that many webmasters are realizing big revenue from advertisements and other money making gimmicks by just running a free to upload or free file sharing sites.

If you’re an internet marketer who’s always on the look out for opportunities to make money online it would be a good idea to set up such file sharing business sites such as However, this business model would be somewhat daunting for noobies since it needs some hundreds of dollars to purchase the tools and scripts needed to make the business running from the ground. Yay, how hard it is to make money when you don’t have money.

Anyway, if you’re just looking for some free file hosting sites to upload your video or music files, ebook downloads, and photos then you can just go to – 100% Free File Hosting Service as claimed.

Here’s some unique features which I found totally different as compared to popular paid file hosting sites:

  • Unlimited Uploads & Downloads
  • No Premium accounts
  • All Free accounts

On top of that is an added benefit to earn revenue – you get paid every time others download your videos or photos or documents.

Now if you’re that smart (but you don’t have the money resources) you can set-up a blog on for free and make your niche giving away some free stuffs, say ebooks for example. Then simply upload all your download files to Ziddu and then just share the link/s to your readers. This way you can earn some revenue every time they download your free stuffs from the site.

A smarter way in giving free stuffs, such as ebooks, is to make sure that your affialiate links and/or other promotional campaigns are embedded in that free download.

How to do that? We will be talking about that in the future posts.

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  • Success With Women

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  • Nicholas King

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  • Bizz

    @Nicholas free stuffs are good but I’m not actually using this things anymore… it turns out that they’re more costly especially if you’re serious in doing your make money online business.

  • Courtney Lloyd

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