Fast Facts About Social Networks That Pay

Social networks that pay are cropping out on the internet today but I always wonder about the sincerity and genuineness of online friendship there.

Why they pay?
They pay simply because they want you to promote the site and recruit more members to join. More members mean more people to click on ads which mean more income for the site owners.

Where do they get money to pay you?
Social network sites are earning money from advertisers who are willing to place ads on your profile pages. For those who do not know yet, thousands of websites are earning money through those Adsense or Google ads which you can usually see hanging either above a webpage, on the left side or on the right. This is called monetizing a website.

Non-paying social sites like MySpace and Friendster are earning in the same way. With what they call as revenue sharing, paying social sites such asYuwie, Rotarixfriends, Gizter and Zenzuu to name a few, promise to give you a share from the revenue generated from those ads.

Interesting but there are some issues that come to my mind. What if only few click on those ads? What if no one buy those products on those shopping ads? And what if the site owner refuses to pay anymore? There are site owners that generously pay when their paying social site is still new but when the number of member increases, it would be hard for them to give payments.

Will every member get paid?
It makes me smile whenever I visit paying social network forums and see some new members raising their expectations on how and when can they get their money. That is understandable because they were told or have read through ads that they will earn money when joining such site.

Although there are few lucky members who deserved to be paid (because they obviously have high profile views, high activity ranks, and most likely numerous referrals), not every member can earn a substantial amount and get paid immediately. Most paying social network sites require a minimum payout and that is you must reach that minimum amount before getting paid.

How can you earn a considerable amount of money in paying social networks?
Basically you must have high profile or page views, high activity points or ranking, and an army of active referrals under you. Without these three basic requirements you can only see some cents on your payment tab no matter how long you’ve been a member.

High profile view and high activity ranks are dependent on how many other profiles you have viewed, friend invitations and messages you send, comments left, blogs and bulletins written, photos uploaded, and active participation on the sites forum. Having a large base of referral is dependent on how you promote and advertise.

Is it worth spending your time and effort?
As for me I’m not expecting to make money online with paying social sites. Rather, I found out that it’s a good place to meet new connections and socialize with other business minded individuals. Others may find it a good place for online dating and may find the missing half of their heart.

For a more noble reason, it’s an excellent avenue to share or exchange ideas about online money making opportunities or affiliate programs. You can assume that many members there are looking for ways to earn money online too.

Just like in non-paying social network sites such as Myspace, Facebook, and Friendster, the real spirit of good friendship should be maintained in joining paying social network sites. Earning money would just be a bonus and that makes it worth spending your time and effort.