Fast Attack Interlink Review

Creating internal links of your posts in your online business blog is vital for passing link juice and getting good rankings on Google. It also helps to increase the time visitors will spend on the site thus lowering bounce rates to avoid Panda issues.

However, most people do their interlinking manually which is a drag. Imagine if you are managing not just one but hundreds of blogs!? What’s worse is the possibility of messing it up and resulting in getting slapped by Google.

Fast Attack Interlink not only saves all the time needed to create internal links by automating the process, it also provides the right internal linking structure for maximum SEO results. You just need to do some simple configuration to the plugin and it’s ready to rock and roll.

A WordPress plugin that can be easily installed using the dashboard or an FTP client, this product inserts a list of links to related posts on your blog at the end of each entry.

Then again you might be asking, how is this different from the free YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) WordPress plugin? Firstly, YARPP is not designed as a pure SEO/sales tool so some internet marketing needs are not met using this plugin.

The Fast Attack Interlink plugin actually allows you to configure it in such a way that the same keyword and URL can placed on any and every page throughout your entire blog. For example, let’s say your main keyword for your home page is “keyword”. Once you configure this, the plugin will actually include your home page URL hyperlinked with your “keyword” on every page under related posts. This helps you to pass more link juice thereby improving your SEO efforts, generating more relevant traffic to your site.

What internet marketers will really like about this plugin is that there is an option to include your affiliate link as one of the related posts. This is one of the main differences between the free YARPP plugin and Fast Attack Interlink plugin.

Placing an affiliate link in the list of related posts can render it more likely to be clicked on by visitors thereby increase the chances of clinching a sale.

However, users have to use this option sparingly because there is only one section for one affiliate link.

Nevertheless, this is indeed a very powerful tool to increase sales as well as SEO rankings. Especially for marketers who are currently spending a lot of time interlinking your blogs manually, it’s time to let go of that manual work and let this plugin do the magic for you.

I foresee that this plugin will likely help many bloggers in the months to come and I’m glad to be one of the lucky ones to get it now.

Now, you might be thinking, at such a low price, surely there’s a flood of OTOs and upsells at the backend right? Not for this one. You buy what you really need (that is the plugin) without having to fall into a bottomless pit of upsells or OTOs.

An excellent price for an excellent plugin coupled with an excellent buying experience. Two thumbs up! (and possibly more if I can grow more thumbs)

Fast Attack Interlink