Fair Ads Network: Another Adsense Alternative

Fair Ads Network (FAN) is a another advertising network aimed at rivaling Google AdSense. It is claimed to be beyond contextual advertising because it includes text and image advertising, link ads, rich media (video & flash), CPM, CPA, and interstitials. It is open to international users as well.

Unlike most advertising networks, you don’t get banned by clicking your own ads. Of course you don’t get paid by performing clicks on your own ads. Fair Ads boast that their click detection software automatically determines which clicks are real and which are fraudulent. They will then just ignore the fraudulent clicks.

With FAN’s patented program called ASAP (Ad and Site Approval Program) you have complete control on what ads are to be displayed on your site. You choose the specific ads that will be displayed on your site. If your blogs’ collective content is purely about make money online you can weed out ads about forex trading. This will apparently increase your ad clicks and revenue.

How it Works

1. Place the advertisers’ ads on your site and earn when someone click on it

2. FAN pays you 60% of what advertisers choose to pay for a single click. If advertisers choose to pay $1.00 per click, you’ll get $0.60.

Referral Program

When you refer advertisers to FAN you will you will earn 8% of every amount they fund into their account. So if they deposit $100, you earn $8. When you refer other publishers, you will earn 8% of what they earn in real-time. For instance, if your referral earns $200 through publishing, you get a bonus of $16.


The minimum pay-out is US$50 via PayPal, cashiers check, e-Gold, e-Bullion and wire transfer.

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