Earning Fast Cash On Facebook?

There many ways to make money on the internet. Good and bad. Some can get you rich, some can make you extra cash, and some can give you a steady source of income even for the lifetime.

There are lots of avenues to earn extra cash online. One is through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Many opportunity seekers (shall I call them internet marketers) use these popular and highly trafficked social websites to extract some cash.

You can easily plug your affiliate offers through your wall and tweets. Some of your “friends” may as well get curious with what you have posted follow your affiliate and maybe buy something. That’s an easy commission for you. Better yet if you want higher conversion create a landing page or some sort of review site and direct you friends on that.

Many well known internet marketers use this marketing strategy. They call it as “landing page”. So how do they make money with that?

Through that landing page they offer something for free in exchange of the prospects email address. Now, when you as the prospective customer agree to included your email address into that marketers list then expect a lot of email spasms I mean email spams coming your mail the following day or week. Of course, as gullible as beginner you maybe easily enticed to buy what that marketer tries to sell you on your email.

I’m not trying to say that’s bad marketing. People used that anyway and as far as I know there should always be a way to unsubscribed from that list if you become uncomfortable with the train of offers.

On the other way there is a somewhat shady gig that other smart individuals use to earn fast lightning extra cash. I think they’re successfully making some cash out of that activity because they never cease doing it.

Every now and then I see beautiful, sexy, and sometimes daring profiles of girls on Facebook. Such kind of online profiles are so appealing that a gullible guy like me easily concede when requested to do something. “Please add me”, she says. I say, “sure my beautiful lady”. Then after some days or even just hours she’ll be barraging you thousand links of “her” own affiliate links. For some who are even more daring they’ll send you an affiliate link where it redirects you to a dating or adult site.

If you try to investigate deeper into such profiles you’ll find out that the pictures are borrowed. The identities are faked. Many times you’ll found out that your beautiful sexy “friend” who tries to lure you into that adult site is a guy hiding under a pretty woman’s pic.

I call that Facebook whoring. Smart or tricky?

Well, the judgment is yours. Maybe that’s the only way this folks can make badly needed cash.