How Facebook Can Launch A Service

The idea of a common meeting place for members of his college inspired Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 to create a site that served as the community online forum for his college members. He named it “The Facebook.” Thus began the journey of Facebook which created history with its fan following. With a member base in the millions, Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. It therefore makes sense for online marketers to promote their products via this popular social networking site.

The number one objective behind good advertising has always been finding the most effective way of reaching an audience. With its membership record of millions of members, Facebook is the ideal platform to promote a product. It has so many different ways to connect with potential customers that online marketers can use Facebook to create a unique marketing strategy for developing a relationship with those users. If information is power, Facebook’s ability to spread information to millions of members within minutes, simply by sharing the news with just one member of a group is a powerful tool in the hands of a company.

Facebook enables businesses to establish a consistent online presence, as opposed to the traditional and expensive 30-second commercial of television and radio advertising. Such a strong 24/7 online presence in a popular social networking site that has millions of users spread across the globe, does a great job in building the brand equity of the company. With the surge of non-traditional demographics joining Facebook, the potential to reach untapped segments of the market is even greater. Companies that dedicate time to keeping their Facebook current will have a visible presence for the many new people who join Facebook daily. This will inevitably lead to more awareness for those companies.

Interactive sessions are one of the most promising marketing strategies, because they address the basic human need for connection. Facebook is the ideal platform for relating to the customer and connecting on a personal level. When a company responds to individual comments by Facebook members, it adds a personal touch to an otherwise commercial marketing campaign. Such a system offers benefits to the customer as well as the online marketer. The customers benefit because the company is listening to them, responding to their needs, and often offering incentives as part of the relationship. The company gains an advantage because its responsiveness will boost the loyalty of the consumers, who are then more apt to buy from that company again in the future. The open communication channel also serves to relay public opinion of the company and gives the company the chance to engage in public relations exercises should it smell the beginnings of a rift.

Many marketers use Facebook as a portal to their main website where further marketing takes place and the relationship is cemented. In addition, the customers can register for a newsletter or other communication service. Naturally, this also benefits the company because of the information gathered during this process, such as an email address. Finally, managers of the company’s Facebook page can go to other people’s pages, read profiles, and establish relationships with those whose interests align with the company’s focus. Using Facebook in this manner essentially drives pre-screened, targeted traffic toward a company’s site for free.

Social media is becoming more and more powerful day after day. There are few other traditional marketing tools that can compare to the potential of Facebook and other social media applications. Though there are various other social media sites, no other site is a match to Facebook in its popularity. Hence, business owners should ensure a strong Facebook presence if they wish to promote their products.