Extreme Niche Empires Quick Review Plus Bonus

extreme niches empires huge bonusIf you type the keyword extreme niche empires on Google you will see a lot of raving reviews. A lot of IM folks are even offering seemingly insane bonuses. If you came here looking for a bonus then scroll down to view some of the great offers.

So what is Extreme Niche Empires (ENE)? ENE is a step by step money making video course that teaches you how to set up your own WordPress based niche sites and how to really make money from it.

It’s an excellent make money guide for beginners as the video course starts right from the basics then to the more advanced modules. It takes you by the hand until you’re ready make it live and start earning income from its diverse monetization models.

It was called an “empire” since you will be using not only one but 10’s or even hundred’s of authority niche blog sites. The way I see it, it has the potential to make you from $500 – $10,000 per month if done the proper way.

Extreme Niche Empires is created by Sean Donahoe, the guy behind the bestselling Video Marketing Goldmine course earlier this year. He is known to many IM folks for “Telling it like it is!”.  He is also known for his no-BS approach and for his REAL solutions for marketing and what actually works.

What Sean has done is nothing short of incredible. In the video courses he genuinely shared how he created an empire of high-authority autopilot money making blog sites targeting niches that no one dares to go in. Well, he claims that he is making a fortune doing it.

I actually happen to get the chance to got hold of Sean’s complete ENE video courses including the advanced modules plus some amazing bonuses which includes the WordPress Plugins and heatmap themes that he used in his own niche empires.
Well, I used to be skeptic with all the product launches out there especially when it promises you boatloads of dollars by just pushing a button. But this course proves to be different.

What’s Inside Extreme Niche Empires

Here’s a quick overview of what you’ll learn inside the membership site:

  • Module  1 – What You Are Going To Learn
  • Module 2 – Setting Up The Foundation For Success
  • Module 3 – Picking A Niche And Getting Keywords To Target
  • Module 4 – Picking The Right Products For Maximum Profit
  • Module5 – Setting Up Your Domain And Hosting
  • Module6 – Installing and Optimizing Your Empire Site
  • Module7 – Getting The Authority Content In Place
  • Module8 – Setting Up The Cash Fountains
  • module9 – Automated Traffic Siphon
  • Module11 – Boosting Your Authority Content
  • Module12 – Finalizing And Launching Your Site
  • Module13 – Cloning Your Empire
  • Module 14- Bonus Flipping The Flops
  • Module 15 – Final Thoughts

Extreme Niche Empire  Advanced Modules

  • Advanced Strategies for More Money
  • Advanced Toolbox for Extreme Niche Sites
  • Power Pinger
  • Management Of Your Empire
  • Outsourcing Your Empire
  • Advanced SEO For More Traffic and Rankings

Bonus Extreme Niche Empire Plugin Pack

  • IMSC Feeder
  • IMSC Premium WordPress Plugins
  • IMSC Heatmap Theme
  • And many more…

The course is packed with a ton of his INSIDER SECRETS that I have never seen anywhere else. This stuff is so powerful that it would blow your mind and has made me even rethink how I do things.

I can see a great potential here. But then again, you really need to work here. You should allocate some time and even some budget especially if you’re starting from the scratch. This is online business folks not just some kind of making money online fast.

I’m on my way to implement the new skills I learned from Extreme Niche Empires. I have some sites out there to experiment with so keep checking this blog I’ll be posting my progress here.

For the meantime, I encourage you to go watch these videos and learn from one of the true masters of Internet Marketing and someone you should listen to!

Get ENE here now!


  • kali

    I just purchased Extreme Niche Empires through your affiliate link, but was not taken to the download page for the bonuses, Can you send the download page for the bonuses to my email?

    I have the Clickbank receipt and order number if you need it.


  • Bizz

    Hi Kali,

    I sent the download links of your bonuses to your provided email. Please check it.


  • kali

    Thanks! I just sent a reply to the email you sent. It looks like the link in the email for the Niche Blogger package 1 goes to a 404 page. Can you check and resend?

    The others downloaded fine.


  • kali

    Everything is fine — it looks like I got the blogger packages 2 & 3 so that’s OK.