Everybody Wants To Make Money

It could be a fact that every living human being on earth wants to make money, but not everybody wants to make money doing that little dirty laundry. Of course, it is also a fact that with all money making avenues on the brick and mortar world, every individual has their own different means of earning for a living.

This is something I just have realized during the past months. In the business of making a living online this realization is contrary to many make money online gurus claim to that “everybody could make money on the internet” (even without any knowledge) or “you can make boatloads of dollar on the internet (by just pushing a button)” and many more kind of craps that goes along with these lines.

Firstly, in order for anybody to make money online they should have at least the basic knowledge on computer operations. But of course, it is not necessary that you be a computer geek here – just little technical aptitude on how to do simple computer and internet stuffs more especially so if you are doing it by yourself. Meaning you should at least be teachable enough especially if you are still starting or just beginning to work for someone else’s online business.

Of course, if you are that smart business folk who has the money then you could actually pay someone to do almost all the jobs for you. You can just make your money work for you and this could be where the  “money that makes more money” phrase applies.

Secondly, you should at least spend at least an hour per day to develop your business (such as building a cash earning website). The same time should be allocated when you’re working as a freelancer or hired by someone to do internet related jobs.

Thirdly, you should at least have that knowledge to market or advertise that business. If you are starting to work as a freelance provider or selling your services to other webmasters, you should also have the knowledge to market what you do. And there are many ways to do that – go on forums, create a blog about what you do, etc.

Lastly, you should have at least that confidence that you could really make that real income just like when you have that confidence that you will be paid for working on somebody’s barn in the real world.

I tried sharing my make money online gig with some folks here in my place. And it seems to me that no one really gets interested to what I was trying to impart. They seem to listen but they don’t really want to understand. Or maybe I was just talking to the wrong folks who were never really interested in what I do.

Everybody wanted very much to earn some income but nobody wants to do the little dirty laundry.


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