Entrecard: The Top Ten Droppers for June

Thanks to all the entredroppers to this blog. I can’t mention all your links here but be rest assured that every drop you make is reciprocated as long as my time permits. Every night I go straight to my drops inbox and click all banners that were registered there during that day. Sometimes I include those that were dropped a day before.

The amount of drops I receive each day is amazingly increasing. During peak times I reciprocate up to 200 sites per day. This made me abandoned my project of gathering a list of 300 Entrecard sites that I intended to include on my bookmarks list.

As of now Entrecard is still the major source of traffic for this blog. This blog is already 3 months old with only few posts and it’s now sitting at an Alexa rank of 286,860. As a gesture of gratitude and appreciation for my top ten regular entrecard droppers for June, here are their links:

First Door on the Left
Pinoy Raket Online
Famous Quotes
Better Interpersonal Communication
Prove Me Wrong
Sonnie’s Porch
Treasure Nature



  • martin miller-yianni

    Very useful gump, thanks for the insight, will give soem of them a go and at the same time help you along the way no doubt. No problem, helping each other is what its all about.


  • eastcoastlife

    Thanks for the link.
    I’m afraid I can’t be the top dropper next month as I couldn’t drop EC due to the glitch in the system. 🙁

    I’ll try my best.

  • Check Pagerank

    You have a great blog here and it is Nice to read some well written posts that have some relevancy…keep up the good work 😉