Easy to Use Free Keyword Tracker

If you are researching for keywords to integrate in your writing you might be using Overture, Wordtracker, and other keyword research tools. There are hundreds of so called free word tracking softwares offered out there but after installing them on your PC you’ll find out that they have either very limited functions (and you’ll need to upgrade to a full working version) or complicated menus and terms which are sometimes intimidating.

If you are familiar with Google’s external keyword tool then you should be familiar with Google Suggest tool too. You can combine both keyword tools. Of course you have the option to buy highly effective keyword research softwares but if you are still on a tight budget these tools can still be your best resort since you don’t need to download and install anything.

The advantage of Google’s suggest tool is that it provides the actual and most frequently searched phrases based on the letters or words in your query. That is in real time. It offers up to 10 keyword suggestions in a drop down menu.

For example I want to find relevant keywords about “free keyword softwares” and “free keyword tools” which I want to include on this posts title. As I type “free key” Google Suggest tool displayed the following results: free keywords, free keyboarding, free keyword, free keyword tracker, free keyword search, free keyword search tool, free keywords tracker, free keyboard lesson, free keyword discovery, and free key words.

From these results I chose “free keyword tracker” because it has a higher rank in order of popularity and has a significantly lower number of search results. I then used my chosen keyword to track down sub keywords.

I also tried tracking the word “keyword tool” with some interesting results such as “keyword tool external”, “keyword tool google”, “keyword tool seo”, and “keyword tool seobook.

This is just a very simple presentation on how you can use Google Suggest tool in researching for unique and highly searched keywords. When used smartly you can begin to receive organic traffic from Google and other search engines.


  • UnderHeavens!

    Nice Article you have there. Very informative. I would definitely come for more… 😀

  • UnderHeavens!

    Nice Articles you have there. Very informative. Keep them coming…. 😀

  • Ursula Turja

    I’m running Linux Mint 5 which is a modified Ubuntu right now and that takes far less than a minute to boot up and open an app. That’s right from pressing the power button to reading my email. Try that with Vista ;)Good luck with the machine hope you enjoy it, I love mine 🙂