Easy to Use Free Backlink Checker

Do you want to know who’s linking to you? Do you want to know whether that link is a nofollow or dofollow? A backlink with nofollow tag has no PR value and is something irrelevant to you in terms of search engine optimization, right?

SEO Pro is a free link checker that can let you determine the following:

  • Complete Url of sites that are backlinking to you
  • PR of the sites that are linked to you
  • Text links or anchor text used
  • Type of anchor text
  • Do follow or no follow tag used
  • Top ten anchors used

A sample backlink check from this site.

OK = Backlink is Good.
NF = Backlink Uses NoFollow. No PR Value.
RT = Backlink Uses Robots.txt. No PR value.
? = Backink Not Found. Possibly Recently Removed.

You can visit SEO Pro backlink anylyzer to see how relevant are your inbound links.

Other free backlink checkers

Backlinkwatch.com. Backlinkwatch also helps you know the url of the site linking to you, the anchor or link text used, and the type of backlink tag used.

Host and IP addresses Backlink Checker. This free software analyzes inbound links to your site and shows the number of different .edu, .mil., .gov and other backlinks.

Free Backlink Checker. This quickly shows you the linking website’s main url plus the sub-url’s that are directly giving backlinks to your site.

You can use either of the above FREE SEO tools whether for evaluating how far you are with your exchange link campaigns or just merely checking who’s who in your links neighborhood.

Any other free backlink checking tools you know?


  • bambit

    fantastic find, Biz. Better than the stuff I used until now. Thanks very much for the tip!

  • durai

    your post is much informative and useful..can i know were you got all these details..

  • Zriz

    Hi! I dropped by from pexlinks and recently got my own domain. If you could just fave me again on technorati I would really appreciate it thanks!

    here’s my technorati fave link technorati.com/faves/?add=http://www.betterthanezrah.com

  • Eric

    Great FREE backlink tools.
    I will check all these and see which one is most effective.
    Will post back here if I find new one.

  • rebecca

    Thanks for the info, I’m new at this and really appreciate it!

  • freezine

    @ Bambit, you’re welcome. Although these tools have their own flaws, it could be useful for those (including me) who has no budget to buy more savvy SEO tools.. 🙂

    @ Durai, thanks and welcome. I found these tools by searching Google.

    @ Zriz, sure! I’ll be very glad to fave you again. 🙂

  • freezine

    Thanks Eric. I am reading your blog and I’ve been learning lots of helpful tips from your posts.

  • Aussie

    Is it just me or is the first one [seo pro] always down for people? Shame as it’s a great tool, but I swear 50% of the time I go to use it, it’s down

  • I haven’t experience the downtime problem yet but they do admit that have had some problems with the current version and are preparing a newer and stable version to address the concern.

  • Marcus

    I really like your blog! – BacklinkPLUS.com