Easy Download Link Protector

Are you selling digital products online and want to protect your download link from thieves and hackers? Are you worried that your selling downloadable products such as ebooks, plr products, and software are being stolen and distributed freely around the internet?

If you say yes to the questions above, then here’s the ultimate easy to use tool to prevent hackers and thieves from stealing our downloadable products from your own download and thank you pages.

One of the best features I really like with this script is the ability to create new expiring links whenever a customer buys product s from you. What this means is that your download links is now protected from buyers who intentionally share the link to forums and other file sharing sites.

When folks find those shared links and are interested with your product, they are now forced to buy since that link has now expired. That simply means more sales and more income for you. You can generate an unlimited number of unique links, all managed automatically by the script.

The software can be use with your product download links and pages on Clickbank, PayPal, and 2Check Out.

Here’s a quick summary of all the features of this powerful software…

  • Install an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of websites (as long as all sites are owned by you)
  • Manage an unlimited number of products with one installation
  • Each customer gets their own unique link for each product
  • Thank you pages can only be accessed from a valid link
  • Individual zip files can only be accessed through a valid link
  • Option to expire each link (expire time is set by you)
  • Option to limit the number of times your product can be downloaded from each link
  • Option to lock each link to a single IP address, making it almost impossible for people to share their link with anyone else
  • Short links with just 24 characters (plus the URL of the site)
  • Secure links stop hackers with over a billion, billion, billion, billion permutations (this would take thousands of years to hack using standard methods)
  • Totally secure Paypal payments through the Paypal “IPN” system
  • Totally secure Clickbank payments through the “secret key” feature
  • Totally secure 2CheckOut payments through the “secret word” feature
  • Unique secure system for other payment services
  • Links automatically emailed to customers for Paypal, Clickbank and 2CheckOut payments
  • Optional notification emails sent to you each time a new link is created
  • You can easily create new unique links manually as required
  • You can easily disable any link instantly
  • You can blacklist email addresses to stop known refunders from being issued with links (for Paypal, Clickbank and 2CheckOut payments)
  • You can blacklist IP addresses to stop known hackers accessing downloads
  • Thank you pages are template based so they match the look and feel of your site
  • Template solution allows you to easily add upsells and special offers to your thank you pages
  • Flexible and unlimited template solution – products can share templates or have separate templates as required
  • Templates can be automatically customized with the product name and the customers name and/or email address
  • Works with any conventional affiliate script
  • Can optionally subscribe all customers to an autoresponder, to build a customer mailing list automatically

Update January 2012: I don’t have any idea if this offer is still available as the creator’s site requires me to be a paying member to be able to make this available to you. I’ve got so many projects online and I already have forgotten this crappy stuff. :-).

If you’re looking for expiring download links, try shopping carts such as those described in this post: Online Shopping Store Using WordPress

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