Earn Money as an Affiliate with Moreniche

At first glance, it may not be that easy to make money online as an associate or affiliate marketer but with the right programs, tools, products, and affiliate support you could be on your way to reap greater rewards in the long run with lesser effort.

As mentioned on the last post here’s a complete review of Moreniche which is one of the most acclaimed and top rated affiliate programs on the internet.

Business Type: Affiliate program.

Skills needed: You can, at least, write in English to be able to promote to international customers

Membership Fee: None, nada, meyo, wala. Joining Moreniche affiliate program is totally FREE with no membership upgrade requirements and no monthly fees.

Sign-up Bonus: You get $15 in your account as a sign-up bonus but of course you can’t encash that right away until you reach the minimum pay-out.

Support: Free 1-on-1 support in 24/7 forum, email, and instant message via ICQ but as of this time I haven’t tried yet and can’t comment on how really responsive and supportive they are.

Minimum Pay-out: $100

Payment Processors: checks, epassporte and international wire transfer. Through Wire transfer, payment is directly deposited to your bank account but there is 30$ charge so minimum payout will be 130$. Moreniche admin is considering integrating the PayPal payment options in the future.

Ways to earn:

  1. Refer buyers to Moreniche products and you will earn up to 40% commission. You will be paid up to $175 for every product bought through your referral link or website.
  2. Invite your friends and refer more affiliates and earn $20 plus 5% on all other sales they will refer to MoreNiche for life. That means you will be earning 5% share for every sale your referrals make for as long as they stay with Moreniche.

Moreniche offers you three linking codes that you can use in promoting.

  • 2nd tier one off bonus – If you choose the linking code associated with this then you earn a one time bonus of $30 for each webmaster your refer who makes at least one sale, you will no longer earn an ongoing commission for this referral.
  • 2nd tier bonus plus percentage option – Choosing the linking code associated with this tier option will let you will earn an initial bonus of $20 and then an ongoing commission of 5% for every referrals sale. This is the best 2nd tier option if you are building a huge base of referrals.
  • Multi tiered option – The commission only referrals will not pay any bonus however it will give you the following commission structure:

2nd Tier Commission – 5%
3rd Tier Commission – 3%
4th Tier Commission – 2%

Products: Health products specifically weight loss and beauty products, make money products (suitable for make money bloggers), gaming sites, and adult products.

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools:

  • Begginers Guide. This is a step by step guide to promoting and marketing your affiliate links until you can make your first sale. Honestly, I’m guilty of not following this guide because I’ve been sidelined by many seemingly great opportunities out there :-).
  • 100’s of Free Professional Website Templates. If you want to maintain a website for your affiliate sales program, you can use free professionally designed web templates complete with content, headers and scripts. Just integrate your referral links, buy a domain name, upload it to your web host, and draw traffic to it.Using the pre-made websites seems to work only if you intend to drive traffic to your website through paid advertisements such as pay-per-click (PPC) but if you want to gain traffic through search engine ranking, I discovered that it would be somewhat slow for your new site to be indexed by Google and Yahoo. This is probably due to duplicate content problem since thousands of other Moreniche affiliates maybe using the same pre-made website and article content.
  • 100+ of Graphical Advertisements. You can download more than 100 graphical advertisements (mostly banners of different sizes) which you can upload into your webhost and hotlink to it. If you don’t have a webhost yet, then you can use photobucket.com or other free image hosting services.
  • 100+ of professionally prewritten articles. You can use these articles to provide content to your Moreniche affiliate website and blogs. It is best to rewrite them to avoid the problem of duplicate content if you intend to gain page rank on Google and Yahoo.
  • Internet marketing Guides. These are ebook guides that are supposedly designed to help newbie affiliates as well as webmasters who are new to Morniche affiliate program. Some of these ebook guides contain advance marketing tips and strategies.

Insights: So far, I haven’t found any reviews on the net saying that Moreniche is a scam. Most of the reviewing sites I visited are positively endorsing it. The only skeptical site I came across with is a review written by affiliatescamguide.com but this was made one year ago.

The only drawback that some people find with this affiliate program is its adult related products. I encountered some people that have some says about the male organ extenders. Also some people would shy away from promoting gaming sites such as casino and poker sites.

If you are not comfortable promoting this products, then simply choose one or two from the health and make money products. I personally promote Proactol, a highly marketable weight loss product. However, if you are looking for an adult affiliate program or games affiliate program to promote then this should be a perfect place for you.

Whew, that’s a long post but it’s not really a complete review of Moreniche. If you’re not yet an affiliate with Moreniche and want to join, then just visit the link below. If you’re new to affiliate marketing then you will learn it here while you earn.

Moreniche Affiliate Sign up