How You Can Earn A Great Income Using Your Blog

Blogging is indeed a very creative way of making money.  It is not very easy and often discouraging for beginners to make much money with blogging.  Blogs only make money if bloggers put in a lot of hard work.  Succeeding as a blogger involves combining personal interest and skills with savvy marketing.  Careful thought and planning and great strategies are the hallmarks of successful blogs.  A strong business plan will prove profitable.

A tested method to attract dollars through blogs is by integrating advertisement programs.  One ad hosting site is Google AdSense.  It is a free and reliable service, so it’s a good place to start.  With it, blogs can feature advertisements that are related to their content, but managed by Google.  To be considered as an Adsense blog, the site must be fresh, respectable, and filled with unique content that is frequently updated.

A savvy blogger will position the ads on the most visible site pages.  Whenever a surfer clicks on the ad links, the blogger earns a commission.  Once the ads make money, Google will pay the blogger a small portion of that income.

Since the final earning is only a portion of the actual payout, bloggers may be dissatisfied with such ad programs.  An alternative is to negotiate terms directly with the advertisers, instead of routing the ads via Adsense.  The advantage is that they pocket 100% of the payment for each ad placement.

Bloggers can also make money through affiliate programs.  The blogger recommend a product or advertises it on the blog.  If a visitor clicks on the link and buys the product, the blogger receives a portion of the sale.  Amazon, Clickbank and offer three popular affiliate programs.  As an illustration, a family travel blogger can use to recommend family friendly lodging.

The affiliate will have access to numerous online tools, such as widgets, that are specific to  These are incorporated into the blog.  The blogs will recommend, for example, great family accommodations near national parks, linking these recommendations to the site.  Whenever a blog reader clicks these links and makes a reservation, the blogger earns a finder’s fee.

Bloggers, moreover, can do more than promote and recommend.  They can also sell products from their blogs.  As long as the products meet quality standards and enjoy a healthy demand, bloggers can earn good money.  Bloggers can sell their own products or somebody else’s.

If a blog becomes an online phenomenon, the blogger can begin making money through various other channels, such as speaking at seminars, writing books, or offering consulting services.   Charging a membership fee is another way to put some cash in the pocket.  Many beginning bloggers make their sites subscription-based right off the bat in hopes the fees will enhance the site’s reputation.  This is rarely profitable.

Young blogs are better off aging and proving themselves before asking people to pay for a subscription.  If a blogger wants to make a subscription-based site work, the content has to be interesting, relevant, and well-written.  Preferably, it is also not available in abundance online for free.  A nice aspect of a subscription-based site is that the blog continuously earns cash via the subscription fees.

make money online from blogsMost blog owners send newsletters and subscription perks to members at no extra cost.  While it may seem a foolish decision, in reality this is an ingenious strategy.

Every new person who signs up for the free subscription voluntarily adds an email address to the blogger’s opt-in form.  With access to thousands of email addresses, the blogger can begin an email campaign to increase site visitation and income earning opportunities through ads and affiliate programs.

The prospect of making money through the art of blogging is very real.  By building up traffic flow and developing a tried and tested marketing strategy, a blogger can potentially replace a full-time income over time.

Despite the overnight rags to riches stories that proliferate the web, any blogger who is making a lot of money with a blog is doing it through hard work and diligence.  A blog can be successful only when the blogger is willing to put in long hours, looking for the right approach and products to market.

If you are new to world of online marketing and want to learn how to blog, then there are lot of WordPress blogging tutorial guides where you can learn how use WordPress for your blogging needs.