Websites To Earn Extra Money Writing Online

Basically, there are two ways to which you can earn extra money from writing articles online. One is writing articles for blogs and websites you own and the other is writing for other people’s blogs or websites.

The first one is ideal especially if you have budget to pay for domain names and web hosting. Of course, you can use free sites like Blogger but you have to understand there’s some limitations to it such as you can’t sell the website when you need to.

The second is good for folks who very new to the online money making industry or to those who just want to make extra bucks.

The following are websites you can join and make money writing online.

Associated Content
Associated Content pays you to write articles for them. You will receive upfront payment ranging anywhere from $1 to $20 per content you submit. You can then continue to earn from all content you publish via their system called Performance Payments. With that you will be paid a baseline PPM™ rate of $1.50 for every one thousand page views it receives.

This is far better than most sites. Aside from the upfront payment per article, you can continue to make residual income for all the articles you have submitted. Only U.S. residents are eligible for the Upfront Payments, however.

Xomba is another online community that allows you to write and publish anything you want, whether it is an informative article, personal blog, or a film or music review. So basically you make money writing or submitting your articles on this site.

Xomba employs a revenue sharing model. It use Google adsense as it main source of advertisers. Since you are allowed to add your Google Adsense account ID to the system, it automatically rotates ownership of the ads between users and the website.

You also earn some share for every user you refer to them.

eHow is an online knowledge resource with more than 6 million people visitors each month. It’s one of the largest How To communities on the web that offers step-by-step instructions on “how to do just about everything”.

make money writing my beautiful modelSo what does this mean to you? If you are a U.S. resident, you can earn money through the Writer’s Compensation Program. Basically you will make money for every impressions or views made your article.

This compensation system, though, will not guarantee that you will sure money for your articles. The amount of money earned depends on some factors like exposure, popularity, and its category.

The Writer’s Compensation Program is not available for non-US citizens, sorry for us. However, you can still take advantage of this highly traffic website by submitting good quality articles and drive traffic to your money site.

Bukisa is an online place where you can share your articles with others and get paid when others use it. It is built in a way very similar to Associated Content.

Basically, it is a user-driven content site and online social community. Members submit articles, read, rate and comment on other members’ articles, and are paid based on views to their articles and those in their network.

The good news about Bukisa is that the Payment options for your articles are open to non-U.S. residents. Unlike Associated Content, as long as you own an Active and Valid PayPal account you are able to receive payments from BUKISA.

Furthermore, the minimum payout is at a low $10 and that means you can cash out immediately without waiting for your earnings to accumulate large amounts.

Squidoo is undoubtedly one of the most popular publishing platform and online community that make it easy for you to publish your own articles online. The pages you create there is termed as a “Lense”. Read more about Squidoo here: Make Money With Squidoo.

Hubpages is another popular site where you can publish your  articles for free and make money online writing.

Contrary to popular hypes you can’t make “instant money” writing on Hubpages. I mean you can’t just publish the article today and then tomorrow you start earning.

Actual Writing Jobs OnlineIt takes time and proper skills. In fact there are many professional and high quality articles being published in there but they’re not earning much money.

The profitability of the articles you put in that site depends largely on the topic or niche you are writing about. It also depends on the techniques you use.

Another overrated hype is that you can make use of it to build backlinks to your site. However, basing on my ass kicking first-time experience with them you should be careful when placing links back to your site.

If you are still starting it’s better to refrain from placing links to your site first. You might be seen as self promoting moron and members of that community will flagged down your new hub.

Try contributing good articles first and build your credibility. You can put some backlinks to your site later on when you became a trusted hubber there.

Anyway, here are 5 Fantastic Ways You Can Make Money With Your Hubpages.

  • Google Adsense Ads
  • Kontera Text Link Ads
  • Sell Amazon Products
  • Post eBay Affiliate Products
  • Post Your Own Links To Affiliate Products

Helium is also a knowledge co-operative where our writers are also our editors who read and rate every article on the site.
Okay that definition is taken from their website but definitely Helium is another good site for writers. You can earn cash writing with Helium in three ways:

  • Upfront Payments for contributed work
  • Daily revenue share
  • Writing contests

Payments may take longer because they are based on one or two cents for each time someone views one of your articles. You must reach the pay out limits of at least $25 before receiving payments.


  • Bizz

    @Marisa Thanks for the correction.

    I did remember placing around two backlinks to my site from my first hub. When it was flagged down, I remove all the links and never visited Hubpages again until I read Court’s report about his experiment at that good site. Silly me, lol…

    And yeah, Hubpages is a great community especially for people who loves to write while at the same time meeting friends online.

  • David

    Hi, I am a non US-resident and I want to make money online. In some of the sites mention in your article you tell weather or not a site is open to non-us residents, but on some of them you don`t mention this fact, could you remark this please?

  • Bizz

    @David, Upfront payments for Associated Content and Ehow are strictly for U.S. residents only (as of now).

    For Xomba and Helium I’m not so familiar with their system but you can go and read their FAQ pages.

    Bukisa, Squidoo, and Hubpages are open to international users.

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