Create Your Own Make Money Online Product Using PLR Products

No product? No website? Frustrated and broke? No problem! Read this for I’m about to sell you something. Lol… I’m just seriously kidding.

But if you’re searching for free to download plr ebooks simply scroll down this page. Download links are provided below. Just look for the subtitle “Where To Get Free PLR Ebooks”.

If you have some time to spare grab a cup of coffee and read this one of a kind blog post written just for you. You may submit your critics through the comment form just after this post.

Kiddingly serious if you really want to make a decent recurring income on the internet you might want to create your own digital product – something that would really be valuable and sought for by your blog readers or site visitors.

Now I hear you say, “But I’m not that good in doing niche research, site design, writing articles, creating blogs, doing all the promotional stuffs, how much more if you require me to create my own product?”

It’s true it takes a lot of time and effort and even some kind of skills to produce a really valuable information product that your prospective customers would love to buy. Although it is relatively easy to perform the research work using the search engines, it would take you days and weeks sifting through all the craps.

Search engines like Yahoo and Google are trying to fight off spam sites but the irony of it is that a lot of crap sites usually overshadow the really informative ones. Just write something wordy like this make it unique (meaning not yet published on any other sites), get a lot of links to it and there you go – you can be beating a lot of bloggers that may have really taken a lot of time and effort to produce a genuine and helpful article but don’t know a damn on how to get backlinks to their newly published post.

Okay, enough for that little rant.

How To Create Your Own Make Money Info Product

Fortunately, you can find many ways to solve the obstacle of creating a really helpful product for your readers – something that benefits them as well as benefits you in terms of monetary compensation for the time and effort you spend in order to produce that make money online product.

The first option is to look for freelancers of ghostwriters who can write about the topic you want. You can really find a lot them on or, for example, and many other freelance sites. You can also find freelance writers on forums and other community sites on the web.

Outsourcing your research work and writing jobs is truly a good way to save time you time and effort when creating a digital info product. However, you could be also spending a lot of money here. It could eat up your entire budget especially if it’s only limited. And maybe you would end up burned and failing miserably.

The second option is simply to look for ebooks that have Private Label Rights (PLR) that comes with it – meaning you are allowed to edit and modify it in any way you want and then put your name on it as the author.

This option sounds easy as eating candy. In fact, you can download a thousand of PLR ebooks for free as long as you know how to use Google. I know it because I have tons of them dusting on my hard drive.

But, you see, there a thousand of more than crap PLR ebooks floating all round the web. Why I said more than crap is because you can’t even make a good simple report out of it. You should go out and do some research just the same in order to augment what was presented on the free PLR product.

Even good PLR products are mostly devalued since many newbie internet marketers who bought them simply sell them at a very crazy low price of 0.99 cents. Just the other day, I saw a really good make money online ebook with truly good content it. It should be sold for at least $27-$47 but when I did a quick search on Google someone is giving it away for free!

So what should you do with these kinds of products? How can you make a unique and truly valuable digital product out of it?

Okay, first of all you need to rewrite or at least expand what was already presented in it. Most of the topics that are presented on PLR products were written in general fashion. Meaning most of it are lacking in details.

Aside from further elaborating or giving examples on what was already said, providing some graphical aides or even videos that would help the reader easily understand a certain topic can be a good way to enhance that info product.

Most of the PLR ebooks are also written in a very boring and long-winding sentence. One way to create a good product out of it is to present them into an easy to read outline – with good headings and properly bulleted contents.

Where To Get PLR Ebooks

Now where will you get those PLR ebooks? There are lots of good places out there if you are patient enough to do the search.

But to save you of your most valuable time I recommend you to visit some or all of the sites below as your time permits. These are good sites especially if you want to enter the reselling business. To visit each site, simply click on the site’s name (colored blue). Each link opens in a separate window.

1. PLR Mines – a relatively new freemium membership site but offers free high quality downloads on PLR and MRR products such as ebooks, software, and other digital downloads.

2. SurefireWealth – this is a fully established PLR/MRR site online hence one of the most trusted when it comes to ebooks, software, audios and video marketing products.

When you sign up as a free member you’ll learn 12 different ways to create a product easily that will instantly boost the appeal of your Resell Rights Products and more.

3. Resell Rights Mastery – also one of the most established resell rights sites online. It offers a free lifetime membership that’s worth $197. Inside you will get access to a growing vault Of e-Books, private label content, graphics, niche content, and advanced resell rights strategies.

Premium PLR Membership Sites

Now if you are more than serious about creating a unique product of your own or want to have a premade ready to upload niche sites you can visit the sites below.

1. PLR Gold Club. This PLR site provides virtually everything that you need to sell niche focused ebooks and make big money online – from articles, ebook, graphics, sales page, download page, and affiliate page. All you have to do is upload it to your webhost.

However, I suggest you do some little modifications so as to make your product unique from the other members who maybe selling the same product. The product comes with the source files (Word document, PSD files) so it is easy to edit.

2. Niche Gold Club. This is one of the best PLR Article sites. As a paid member you receive a whooping 600 private label articles per month covering 24 different niches. You also get the corresponding header graphics for each niche plus up to 4 bonus PLR ebooks.

Please note that you should at least have some budget when joining the above paid PLR membership sites. It is best that before joining you must at least pre-plan how you can make use of the products you will be getting so as to recoup your membership and gain income.

So please don’t blame just in case you will not be able to gain back your money just because you don’t know how you can make a business out of these products. Remember, I warned you well… lol…

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