Copied Post

What will you do when you discover that your post was copied?

I just discovered that one of my posts from my blogspot blog was copied. Every word was copied – from the first sentence until the last period. Only the title was a little bit modified and the referral code was changed.

I’m not a good writer and so it amuses me that someone found my content irresistible that he has to cut and paste it on his blog. But somehow there is something wrong with copying other people’s content, right? We all know that act as plagiarism; and is really unethical.

Another danger with that is the dreaded duplicate content. We know that Google seriously punishes sites with duplicated contents although it may not affect his blog since there were no links connecting our blogs. However, it seems unfair because it took me more than 4 hours to write that on my own words.

The odd thing is I found out that he’s one of my new Moreniche sub-affiliates! But he’s unaware of that. It would have been better if he had just revised or rewritten some of my paragraphs so that it will not have the exact duplicate of what I wrote.

I don’t really want to embarrass him for that so I’m not posting his links here. I don’t know what you would suggest me to do.


  • Untracable

    May be you should warn him/her to delete his post..

  • Wenbin

    I suppose u should take it as a complement that your work was good enough for it to be copied

  • freezine

    @Untracable. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll warn him if done for the second time.

    @Wenbin. Shall we call it a “compliment in disguise”?… 🙂

  • Dark Angel

    You could ask him to have a footnote that says – ‘taken from ‘bizphere’ but modified or something of the sort, or ask him to credit you.

    I do copy from other blogs but i make sure i out a ‘stolen from’ 🙂 after the post or credit the blog that inspired me to do my post.

  • Kevin

    I would contact him privately and ask him to remove your content. Maybe he is new to all of this and really didn’t know the severity of his actions.