Conversion Boosting Mastery Review

Many internet marketers new to the industry tend to take it for granted that traffic = money. However, this is not true because traffic without conversions will not bring in any cash flow at all.

That is why it is as important to learn how to convert traffic into buying customers as well as learning traffic generation methods. This is what Conversion Booster Mastery is all about, enhancing your conversions in your online business.

A straight-forward product that costs not more than perhaps a movie DVD you will spend on for entertainment, this product over delivers in value and if implemented could possibly rake up your earnings online.

This video course is jam-packed with 11 videos each dwelling in-depth into the different topics: conversion boosters for sales pages, squeeze pages, review sites, emails, blogs, videos, articles, even favor JV requests and affiliate promotion!
Each video provides real solid content with great application information. The PowerPoint slides shared in the presentation are made available as PDF documents and included in this product.

The Conversion Booster Mastery course has many helpful sections, my personal favorite is the video on blog conversion boosters. In it, Calvin actually went through tip by tip the 9 conversion boosters of running your blog and how to turn boring blog posts to high converting, super viral content.

Being a blog owner, just this one video already allowed me to use and apply the lessons learnt from here. Imagine the other 10 videos, they totally blew me away!

I was struggling with monetizing my website and didn’t know what I did wrong. I got the website up, have the products on site, did the necessary promotions and even had decent traffic going to me site but where is the money? I previously thought that as long as you have the traffic coming to your website, money will flow in naturally.

Boy was I dead wrong and this course actually caused me to realize my problem. It not only stops there because through each video, I began to understand how important conversions are in any internet business and I also learnt exactly how I can actually use the strategies learnt here to boost my conversions in any campaigns I launched!

Considered a primer for everyone who is struggling with conversions on your website, this is a massive training course that not only explores the theory of boosting conversions, but the ideas shared are actually tested and proven techniques that absolutely work!

Conversions Booster Mastery is definitely a must-have in your internet marketing to-do list and arsenal of marketing tools. It helped pull me out of the quicksand of doubt that internet marketing actually can work for me and boosted my confidence. I can’t wait to apply the techniques I learnt! So little (low costs) and yet for so much (value), definitely a must-buy.