Contest, Contest, Contest

No, I’m not the one running a contest here. I just received some contest invitations from the Entrecard community this month of June. Okay, without much talk here’s some list of these contests where you can win EC credits, gain more web traffic to your site, and even win more friends.

1. EntreCard Sites of the Week Contest!
Bambit has an ongoing EntreCard Sites of the Week contest and she intends to give you a chance to have a trickle of good traffic from her good blog.

Prize: Prime space on the homepage of Balay ni Bambit for two (2) weeks

How to participate: Select one of her posts that you’ll find enjoyable to read and submit it to Digg or any social bookmarking sites. Leave a comment at Balay ni Bambit’s contest page and describe why you have chosen to submit that post.

How to win: Winners will be chosen by how well they have described their chosen post to bookmark. (Or should I say your description should be rocking and sexy.) 🙂

The top two winners will get two weeks exposure on Bambit’s homepage. You may go over to Balay ni Bambit’s contest page to learn more about this contest.

2. Entrecard credit Booster.
Thiago Prado launched an Entrecard contest with an intention to “help new bloggers increase the traffic in their blogs.” After his success with Entrecard, he like to share a portion of his credits with other bloggers.

Prize: 10,000 EC (Entrecard credits).

How to participate: Write an article about What About Brazil blog or about the contest.

Requirements: Entrecard account

How to win: You must bring the most traffic to What About Brazil blog during the period of the contest.

Deadline: End of July.

3.’s First Anniversary Contest.
Abhijeet is celebrating their first year anniversary for their Life is Colorful blog.

This post is going to be quite long so I have to cut it here and discuss about this contest on my next post. You can go ahead and learn about it at Life is Colorful site.


  • bambit

    Bix, you are absolutely beautiful *mwah* Thank you for blogging about my contest!

  • Jena Isle

    Hi, I’ve read your title “Contest. contest… and I’m reminded of an invitation I’m conducting in my blog. It is not really a contest but an invitation for bloggers to send in their articles for a prize of 1,000 EC credits. All articles submitted related to the topic will receive 1,000 EC credits each. Do visit the blog for more information.

    Thanks in advance for spreading the word.

    God bless.

  • freezine

    @ Bambit, You’re welcome. Hope more people will participate in your contest.

    @ Jena Isle, thanks. I’ll go and check it out.