Choosing the Right Blogging Platform

Once you have decided to join the blogosphere, it becomes a crucial task to chose from among the various blogging platforms. A blogging platform refers to the program you use to manage your blog — from creating it to adding posts, editing posts, deleting posts, approving and deleting comments, and adding other elements to enhance your blog. In short a blogging platform if tool or a device that makes your blog-management easier.

Its lets you make your blog appear more appealing than the rest of its counterparts. Ideally, you want a platform that is user-friendly and is flexible enough so that you can customize your blog and enable you to really create something that is uniquely yours. Thus, the right platform will affect your blogging experience; choosing the wrong will pretty soon make you feel that blogging is more of a chore instead of something you enjoy doing.

So it’s very important to devote time and attention to find the right one for you. This takes time, as you have to browse quite a number of them till you discover the one appropriate for you.

It is recommended that you have your priorities clearly set in your mind before you start looking for a blogging platform. Otherwise you may have to grope ineffectively. Do you want a platform that’s easy to use? Or do you prefer one that’s highly customizable?

This again depends on the content of your blog and its purpose. So have your homework done before you are into the search. There are two blogging platforms to choose from, WordPress and Blogger. So, which one is best? Which one can you make most money with?

Both blogger and wordpress are perhaps equally popular platforms. Users tend to prefer one to the other based on their individual needs and priorities. Naturally both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

While the former is simple to use and easy to get up and running, the latter is very customizable and there are tons of plug-ins available that can be used to help one receive very high search engine rankings. This article would feature a comparison and thus benefit a freshman blogger to choose between the two.

Blogger – This is the most user-friendly platform. It is the most user-interactive platform as well. The great thing here is that it is simple to set up, just follow the prompts. It is free to set up and hosted by Google itself. It is recommended to someone who is absolutely new to blogosphere.

Blogger is owned by Google and has seen some pretty, substantial upgrades in the past few months. There are many new features available, such as RSS feeds, video, newsreels and polls and there are many more in the queue. However, Blogger does have some real positives. It is easy to use. You can set your blog up in mere minutes and have it up and running in no time. Blogger also has a ton of new features that your visitors might get a lot of value from.

You can purchase a domain name and have Blogger host it for free. Until now, that was one of the biggest complaints against Blogger. Blogger would host your blog for free, but your domain name would include blogspot.


Another demerit is that Blogger itself retains the control over your blog and might shut down your blog without any prior notice. So all that work you’ve done to create your blog has been lost forever!

WordPress – As compared to the Blogger, this is not free. You will need a hosting account. But the obvious advantage is that you are never in a risk of losing the content of your blog. The blog is hosted on your server that never loses anything. One of the best things about WordPress blogs is that since you are required to host it yourself, you own it.

Your blog contents are no longer at the mercy of the host server. That means that you can never be locked out of it, or have it deleted. You can also fully customize it so that it fits your personality and tastes. WordPress blogs have higher potential to feature in the search engines and since they look more professional than blogger templates, readers have greater tendency of liking them.

Its demerit is that it’s not so user-friendly. On the contrary, beginners have been known to have trouble setting up a WordPress blog with the confusion of plug-ins and widgets. To really make your blog powerful and catchy, you will need to add some plug-ins. And you will also need to edit those from time to time.

You can find a great list of plug-ins if you perform a Google or similar search. After you have found the ones that you find suitable or attractive, you simply need to upload them. This is the juncture where the beginner may get a bit intimidated. But there is really no need to be. If you can upload a website, you can upload a plug-in.

Initially mostly those who were either good technically or who were adventurous enough to give it go used WordPress blogs. However, now anyone can set up a WordPress blog very quickly. This is because many hosting companies are now a day Fantastico Enabled, which means that they do most of the heavy lifting for you.

With a few clicks you can have a basic WordPress blog. Again this could always be managed by outsourcing it to a professional, which is fairly cheap to do, in case you have determined to customize your blog or there’s a desperate business need for the same.

Having brought before you the merits and demerits of both the blogging platforms it’s now entirely upon you to decide which platform you are ready to go for. For that you probably need to answer the question, which blogging platform Blogger or WordPress can make you more money?

The answer is both. All you need is to strategic. If you have great content, you have got to monetize your blog properly. You must count the cost-affectivity and time-affectivity of the entire process before you plunge in. my suggestion is to go for a WordPress blog because it is supposed to be more fruitful in the long run.

Keep in mind that you are devoting time to get your blog ready and maintain it, so your entire investment is wasted if it’s deleted. WordPress provides the assurance at least that you blog won’t be deleted; you always enjoy this extent of protection. Furthermore, the greater amount of available plugins for WordPress adds an edge to your blog in terms of making it look unique and stand out from the rest. More unique is your blog more is its chance to get featured in the search engines.

If you can bear the thought of a blog which is making you money and that you have invested in heavily, being deleted, or locked at the whim of an almighty Blogger, than that might be the platform for you because of its’ simplicity. A WordPress blog may demand you a little more time, never mind its worth for the potential it offers. Whichever you choose, be sure to be consistent, relevant and available.

To quickly and easily start your own blog, use ready made WordPress blogs.