Boosting Repeat Site Visitors

It is difficult enough to attract visitors to your website and make them spend time to explore your pages. The real challenge, however, is to get them to come back to your site and to convert them into regular followers. The key to dealing with this challenge is dedicating your time and effort not only to building a website of high standard, but also to keeping it current, interesting, useful, and user-friendly.

The single most crucial component to producing repeat traffic is giving visitors a reason to come back. A site needs to be updated regularly. The meaning of “regular” varies from industry to industry. Certain fields will need new information every day, but others can go longer without being updated.

Getting new content for your site may not be an easy task, but you can easily overcome this hurdle by hiring a content writer. Alternatively, a free means of obtaining content is by accepting guest bloggers or writers who then receive a free link to their sites. Some days all your site needs to stay active is a link to a great article, a “coming soon” notice (followed by something actually coming soon), a video link, or a reused article from your site archives.

Interaction is also a powerful tool; the more your visitors are able to interact on your site, the more likely they are to return. Forums are ideal for this purpose. Educational or inspirational series are also great for bringing in repeat traffic, particularly if they have question and answer segments in which the users can participate.

Facilitate bookmarking option on your sites, so as to encourage repeat visitors. An even better suggestion is to strategically place a subscription box on your site so visitors can be alerted to new content on your pages and receive newsletters to keep their interest in your site alive.

Provide links that allow your visitors to share your website with their friends. If you add sharing plug-ins for Facebook and Twitter, visitors can share an article with their friends and followers with a mere click. You can also get plug-ins for other networking websites such as StumbleUpon and Digg. Another idea is to include a plug-in that will allow visitors to email an article, since there are still many people who are not plugged into social networking sites. Your goal is to facilitate the return of visitors to your site, but you also want to enable them to share their findings and draw in new visitors in the process.

Using relevant page titles and keywords is helpful not only in attracting first-time visitors, but also in bringing users back to your site. Think of a scenario where a reader was happy with your site but failed to either subscribe or bookmark the page. If later they want to return, it is likely they will run a search using terms related to the content they found most appealing. They will not be able to find your site easily if your page titles, content, and descriptions were not optimized correctly.

Do not send spam to your subscribers. If your goal is to convince people to view and use your pages on a regular basis, sending them useless marketing messages will be counterproductive. People hate getting spam and will eventually unsubscribe from your newsletter rather than return to your site.

In order to get people to come back to your site often, you must give them superior content. Write articles that are accurate, useful, and easy to read. Make sure your articles relate directly to the needs of the type of visitors you want to attract. It is worthwhile to remember that, despite your personal opinion of your children and pets, for example, your readers are not going to want to read about them unless your information can directly benefit or entertain the visitors. Turn your website into a treasure trove of information that your readers will love.

If you are already confident about the standards of your articles, start adding an element of fun as well as incentives to excite your visitors. Contests and giveaways are good examples. Provide some valuable information on your site free as an ebook or other download.

Your website visitors have given you their valuable time in clicking on your website link. It is only right that you reward them with enriching and meaningful content, making the visit mutually beneficial to both of you. When visitors get value for the time they spend at your site, they will be inclined to return. By securing a steady stream of Internet traffic, you are ensuring that your products and services enjoy increased visibility and more success.