Blogging and Adsense – Money Making Model

Adsense placement is one of the things that enable you to make money of your blog. The idea is to figure out where you can position your ad units so as to get a high number of clicks and optimize them in terms of the number of visitors you get. This is the key to earning money with Adsense.

If you have to make sufficient money of Google Adsense using your niche blog, you have to follow a set of directives that have been tried and tested. Now it is certain that this is not all that there is to making money of blogs. There are several available techniques to earn money of blogs. If you really have to optimize your revenue of Adsense the trick is to try and maximize the number of clicks on ad links that you post on your website.

The idea is that you have to figure out yourself on the basis of your content layout, which is the best place to position your ads on your blog. There will be several experts who will say the columns on the left are the best place to place your ad, there will also be quite a few who will recommend the use of columns on the right. There will also be people who will tell you how successful the rectangular boxes on top are in terms of ad placement. The truth is that one of these or none of these might be useful for your blog as the placement strategy will be specific to the way you have designed your blog and depend on nothing else.

Another factor which should govern your decision of where to place ads on your blog is to trace the activities of the visitors on your blog. If you find your visitors more attracted to the right side of your page, then place the ads on the right column. But it might often be the case that by way of your content layout the visitors’ attention is almost always focused on the centre of the page. In such a case it would do you good to paste the Adsense code between your content posts.

How will you track the visitor’s reaction to your blog? Well, try and imagine you are a visitor yourself. This helps or if it doesn’t then ask a friend or a family member to visit your blog and trace what they are doing. You need to find out what attracted their attention on the blog, which part of the webpage without Adsense inputs, attracted the maximum attention and why.

The idea is to not become an obstacle in the visitor’s way. Of course this doesn’t mean that the visitors don’t get a clue about the ads you put up at all. Thus try and figure out the most subtle way of going about things. This might entail inserting an Adsense ad along with the entries. Since the respective entries draw the maximum amount of attention mostly, it would do you good to place an Adsense code in the middle of entries, reminding the visitor at the same time that the entry is continued below.

Last but not least, you have to abide by Google’s rules in terms of where you can place the ads. If you violate the Adsense ad code you could be banished from Google Adsense all together. You could only have two ads per page by this code. Don’t exceed this and other limits or Google will not be very kind with you and your blog.