Blogging: A Way To Keep In Touch With Friends

There are literally hundreds of various reasons a person may want to start and maintain a blog. Although blogging can be used for a variety of other purposes which include making money online, promoting a cause, and providing useful information there are many bloggers who enjoy blogging simply because it is fun.

Many bloggers enjoy blogging for reasons such as staying in touch with friends, expressing themselves or keeping a record of important events.

One of the many reasons a person may want to start a blog is keeping in touch with families and friends especially if that person have move far away from his hometown. It is not always easy to keep in touch by phone, regular visits and even email because it can be difficult to keep up long distance interactions with several different people at once.

By simply posting the information on a blog, that person can greatly simplify the process of keeping in touch with friends and family members. This is because he does not have to repeat information in individual phone calls or emails or make time to visit several different people.

With a blog, the person has the choice to post a variety of information. The blog owner can simply keep others informed about current events in his life through his blog posts, photos, or even audios and videos that he can include on his blog.

Since everybody has their own concerns and errands to run to, friends and family members can view the blog any time at their convenience to catch up on important events in the blog owner’s life.

They can also interact with the blogger by posting comments or say other things they may want to tell. They can also read comments from other blog readers. The beauty of this is that blog readers who may know each other can not only stay in touch with the blog owner but they can also communicate with other friends and family members through the comments section of the blog.


  • lotusflower

    A blog can also serve as a personal journal. It can serve as a repository for things that you are unable to articulate at the present time and could serve as a valuable tool later to help people around understand you better…like after you die? (morbid, no just being realistic.


    Blog On!

  • Nova

    true, i do agree with you about that.. this is also our ways to get connected to my friends since they are in different countries now.

  • Peter Answers

    Of the reasons to blog I think this one may be better served by MySpace or Facebook.