Bizphere Is Now “Do Follow“

I just installed Lucia’s Linky Luv Plug-in. As describe by the author of Big Bucks Blogger, this is a variety of “dofollow” plugin which its main function is to strip “nofollow” tags from links in comments. However, what makes it different from many other do follow plug-ins is that it has features that thwart human’s who are paid to visit blogs and leave nonsense simply to boost their companies back links.

One of the great features I really like with this plug-in is that I can set the number of comments a new commenter should leave before his links will become “do follow”. I set the plug-in to the minimum of 3 comments. This means that your links will only become “no follow” free after 3 comments.

This could discourage people who may take advantage of your do follow enabled blog for the purpose of just visiting once and then roam around other blogs spreading the same scripted comments for the hope of gaining backlinks.

For more features and benefits of this do follow plug-in please visit the link below.

Lucia’s Linky Luv Plug-in.

Another plug-in I just installed is Comment Luv. With this comment plug-in a titled link to link to your comment post (a “do follow” also) is automatically added whenever you leave a comment.

Wanna see how it looks like? Just leave a comment below. 🙂