Best Ways To Drive Free Traffic To Your Blog

There is no greater feeling for the online marketer or blogger than getting that first visitor, first customer, or first subscriber.  While that initial bit of traffic may be exciting, it in no way is enough to sustain a site or online business.  In today’s Internet world, you do not need to settle for low traffic volume.  There are many ways to generate traffic for free.

Social media sites are great for generating free traffic, and the top of the barrel is Facebook.  Those of you who are familiar with Facebook know how the system works.  Each Facebook user connects to what Facebook calls “friends,” each of whom is connected to a network of other friends.

Your friends have access to your page, links, comments and more.  Some people set their security settings to allow even non-friends to view their pages.  This web of connection only means you stand a greater chance of getting noticed.

Many internet marketers have taken advantage of this dynamic social media tool.  They are using Facebook to get noticed and establish relationships.  If you have yet to establish an account on Facebook, you are missing out on a plethora of benefits.

Twitter is another great social media tool to generate free traffic.  Twitter is a popular networking site that can be managed in a somewhat hands-off manner through Twitter automation software.

On this platform companies can share information and promotions with their fans on an ongoing, even scheduled basis.  More importantly it gives you the chance as an online marketer to showcase your products and services.  Millions of users use this website and its services.

Though the constant depositing of tweets into cyber-space may seem chaotic and pointless, there is a method to the madness.  You post your thought or tweet, which is visible to all your followers.

If you reference another person by name, and they respond back to you, your name is visible to that person’s follower.  Twitter is a nice way of getting yourself and your company’s current campaign noticed.

A step down from the social media sites, but a strong contender is the array of social bookmarking sites.  Such sites are useful for raising search engine standings. By adding your links to social bookmark sites, you build backlinks.  While these links are not powerful, they do have some effect.

The main benefit of social bookmarking sites is enabling people to easily find links that fit their niche or that are recommended by respected users.  By posting great links and tagging them with highly searched keywords, your sites may become popular through social bookmarking sites.

Article directories are a way of getting your name and link in the public eye.  You are able to post your site link in an author box after each article, which is a good way to get noticed.

If your article is particularly useful, others will link to your article or perhaps to your site for more indepth information.  Those of you who like to write or have an interest in making money online can join article directories, such as Ezine, and earn a little cash while promoting your site.

Discussion boards and blogs are great places to join in conversations.  When you leave a comment on a blog, you can include a link to your site.  The blog owner as well as readers have the option of clicking through your link to visit your site.

In the same manner, anytime you post on a forum, your link is shared.  Sometimes you are required to meet a certain membership milestone before the link is included in your posts.

This restriction prevents people from joining a forum with the sole purpose of spamming members with their links.  Forums and blogs are great ways to connect intimately with others within your niche.  If you are a legitimate and interesting commenter, you will see a rise in your site traffic.

There is no easy, overnight way to cause your visitor numbers to skyrocket.  Over time, social media, article marketing, and forums will help obtain organic traffic.  Simply put, by working on fulfilling the needs of others and establishing connections, people will visit your site because they want to, not because you tricked or spammed them into it.  These people will likely become devoted subscribers.  You will be rewarded for the time and effort you put into building up your traffic.