Before You Post Your Offer – Spend Time on the Forums

You can utilize forums daily in various ways:

  • You can just go over several fresh posts to find out “what’s new” – thus you keep tab of every possible new thread of information.
  • You could frame particular questions for others to answer. Thus several opinions can be obtained.
  • You might be immensely wise and help others by answering the plethora of questions that everybody has.
  • You might not be immensely knowledgeable and yet want to convey your views regarding something or the other.
  • There is the obvious advantage of utilizing the “search” function of the forums to get to know about a particular side of things in the industry.

Remember, people are usually asking for solutions and one of the best places where people turn to for getting answers to their queries is forums. Therefore, if you carefully take a look at the discussions and threads in the forums, I am sure you will get a lot of ideas about what kind of products are in demand currently.

Based on the forum discussions, you can create a product and pre launch it in the forum market places to test the waters and then finally do the main launch.

Through the forum market place offer, you can not only test the product but also do the improvements according to the buyer’s feedback and finally launch the main product that will definitely have bigger chances of sure shot success.

Spending time in the forum is of course a very useful way to furnish information about the market. You can always get to unveil specific aspects which keyword research tools cannot. Take this as a definite assurance that these forums are mostly used as bitching devices.

Lurking around the forms provide some valuable customer information and thus it is necessary spend time on the forums concerned, before you finally launch your offer.