An Awakening Experience Trying To Get Extra Work Offline

Last month I accepted a job offer from a friend. The job involves simple computer operations and some programming to learn. The whole system is totally different from online marketing and making money online. My main task is to watch over and maintain their computer system which is the heart of their e-loading business.

I accepted the job because I was thinking I can still do online marketing while working with them. It was also my motive to get some business connections and meet more business minded folks as I was almost living in complete seclusion from the real world for more than one year – the time when I was learning internet marketing.

It was supposed to be a very simple job as I thought but there came many surprises during my first week with them. One surprise is that there were no definite working hours. I need to be there as long as people are making e-load requests so I have to work from morning until the night.

There was no office yet or an “I.T. room” (as they like to call it) so I have to work in my friend’s rented apartment with his family. Imagine the picture of children playing here and there.

They were still on their pioneering stage and it seems to me that they have no definite business plan or at least a business map.

Another surprise is that I was asked to do the job of a designer – editing brochures and flyers previously designed by a hired Photoshop designer. For me, it was a very simple task and it was just okay doing that stuff for free.

But what made it hard for me is that we often work until past midnight with only few hours of sleep! What I really hated the most were those almost sleepless nights.

Added to the health threatening lack of sleep is the hassle of traveling from home to the “work place”. With one hour travel you got exposed to the cold weather especially during the night.

And with unpredictable weather you can’t avoid to get drenched with sudden rain and thunderstorms while traveling. June to October is a rainy season here in my location.

As a result I suffered different sorts of sickness that I never experienced for the last nine years of my life – first a cold, a clogged nose, constipation, followed by a hell-like combination of fever and flu.

And as I write this post I’m suffering from a headache that excruciates everytime I cough. It’s not just an ordinary cough. It’s a cough that makes your chest painful and makes you spits out a thick yellowish phlegm.

Yes, that’s an eew and a yaiks!

So what am I trying to say here?

Well, for me it’s an awakening experience.

I’m now definitely convinced that what I really want to do for a living is to FOCUS on my online business.

After all, making money online gives me a lot of freedom and endless possibilities – such as traveling around the world while working online and meet more business minded people.

travel the world

The earnings made from maintaining a profitable online business far exceeds the salary being offered by most office jobs in the offline world. In fact, one of my domain names is now producing almost three times more than the salary that my friend offered me for the job.

I’m a technically inclined person and if given the time I can easily learn the programming codes of the software that runs their e-load business and help them make the system more reliable and stable. And if I’m thinking clever I can set up one of my own too.

What I’m trying to emphasize here is that my friend’s business has a great potential. But for many reasons I have no INTEREST in it. It’s too demanding both in terms of time and money.

I have also learned from this experience that it is best to make connections with people who have at least an idea of online marketing.

My friend and his partners don’t know a thing about internet marketing. Besides, it’s hard introducing online marketing to folks who have no interest in promoting their business through the internet. When you do that you tend to give all your resources for free.

Anyway before I end this post, let the whole world know that I’m not blaming my friend or anybody for this bad but awakening experience. I really wanted to help him and his business partners succeed on their new e-loading business especially that they are in their pioneering stage.

However, I now see that their business system is totally different from the online business system that I’m into. It’s a set of two different worlds and I’m not trained to juggle between unlike worlds.

And if I concentrate to work with them my online business will suffer. You see, I already neglected maintaining most of my websites. On the other hand, if I concentrate on my own business their business will suffer. It is best giving the position to a person who can devout his/her whole time working with them.

So after weighing and reconsidering all these things, I made up my mind to go full time as an online marketer.

That was a real experience worth remembering.

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