Automate Your Blog through Advance Posting

workroomAdvance posting could be one of the often overlooked features in most blogging platforms especially WordPress and Blogger. For sure this sounds ridiculous for veteran bloggers but yet many novices are still unaware of its powerful use.

If you’re still new to the blogging world, just like me, let me share how I use the advance posting feature. Some of the obvious reasons to publish your contents in advance is when you are planning to take a vacation, expecting family events wherein you need to be there, doing other projects, travel somewhere, or simply too busy with all the concerns of life.

Advance posting also help you avoid burnout from blogging which may lead to “blogging hiatus”. I may define this as having no post or unable to post for a very long period of time. There are other various reasons why we stop blogging for a long time but this may hurt your reader subscriptions. This may make your loyal readers wondering and missing you for so long.

Actually, many of the posts in this blog were posted in advance 2 weeks ago. I just log-in to moderate and answer any comments received. This allowed more time for me to do other projects and explore more things about the blogging world.

Of course this depends on what type of blog you have. If you are maintaining several content and affiliate based blogs, posting in advance is extremely helpful. If your blog is about news and events or a personal diary about your everyday life then this may not be applicable.

As mentioned above, one practical application of posting in advance is when you are promoting an affiliate product. I have learned that promoting affiliate products for long term success is by maintaining a content-based website wherein you need to pre-sell your visitors before directing them to your merchant’s site.

For example, if you are promoting beauty and health products from Moreniche you can use the free article resources provided at that site. What I do is rewrite them and then line them up for advance posting in my other blog. Shall we call that automated blogging? That’s actually one of the main features of the Spiderweb Marketing system. But I will not talk about that here.

For the sake of my beginner friends, here’s how you can schedule your post to appear on a certain time.

For WordPress Users (v.2.5+)
1. Write a new post as usual.
2. Look for the “Publish immediately” button located at the right sidebar, click Edit and you’ll see this.
wordpress advance post

3. Enter the new time you want your post to be published.
4. Don’t forget to enter you Tags and Category keywords.
5. Click Publish and you’re done!

For Blogger users.
1. Write a New Post.
2. Click the “Post Options” link just below the text area.
blogger options

3. On the right part you’ll see this.
blogger time stamp

4. Enter the future time you intend for your post to appear.
5. Don’t forget to enter your labels for the post.
6. Click “Publish” and that’s all!


  • eranda

    good information for a new blogger like me.Thanks

  • David Hobson

    I like this feature of wordpress. I usually have 10-15 posts already written and just waiting to be posted this feature allows me to auto post them when im away on business or holiday.

  • Bill

    I love this new feature of Blogger. The only problem is that I can’t post through my Scribefire and get it to work.

  • Vikki

    I love this post. This has been a problem for me. I usually have super busy days when I don’t have the time to blog. Thanks for sharing this great tip. 🙂

  • This is a very good feature of wordpress and blogger.

    In blogging, there are days that we’re not in mood of writing and no idea comes up in our minds. With this feature, it helped us to advance schedule our pre-written ideas at times we feel of writing a great topic.

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