Asking Why People Didn’t Choose You

If you tried an internet marketing strategy that you were convinced was going to increase your leads and sales significantly but it didn’t, it might be helpful to know where you failed. Use the suggestions below for getting information about why your product or service wasn’t chosen.

Don’t be unclear when you’re asking people why they didn’t choose your service or product. By clearly asking for information you’ll save yourself the time and trouble of interpreting answers and trying to read between the lines of critiques.

Create survey questions with choices of why people didn’t choose you including the likeliest reasons of price and quality. Always include an “other” category with room for the individual responding to your survey to elaborate on the reason he or she went with someone else.

Choose the appropriate means of inquiring about why people didn’t choose your business or service in order to avoid undercutting your other internet marketing efforts by providing customers or potential customers with information about what other people don’t like about your business.

Choose email if possible to find out why people didn’t choose your company. If your internet marketing efforts used leads in the form of email addresses, consider using the privacy of email rather than a more public social media method of gathering information about why people didn’t choose you or your business.

Try to determine whether the method you used for internet advertising, such as an email campaign, didn’t work or whether it was the content that failed. It can be hard to sort out what turned people off about your internet marketing campaign, but you don’t want to dump a specific method when it was your content that was the problem and vice-versa.

If you hired or worked with internet marketers, arrange a meeting where you can strategize about finding out what didn’t work. While a meeting with an internet marketer asking them to help you understand why their approach failed is likely an uncomfortable meeting, you’ll likely get helpful insights from the marketing company because they won’t want to lose your business.

Consider whether your business has enough money in its marketing budget to run a test marketing campaign with a sample group such as a focus group. You’ll have to calculate the expense in terms of paying participants and anyone you choose to hire to run the focus group in addition to the costs of producing the marketing materials in order to determine whether your budget allows for such a focus group activity.

Determine what conclusions you can draw about the failure of your internet marketing campaign based on facts rather than hunches in order to avoid discontinuing a marketing campaign that could effectively be transformed into a success with a few minor changes.

Don’t exceed your internet marketing budget for a specific internet marketing campaign in order to determine why it didn’t work.

Not every internet marketing effort you undertake will be a winner. Use the suggestions above for finding out why a specific internet marketing effort you undertook did not result in new business.