Are You Buying Hope?

Have you ever noticed that many, if not most, money making programs online are designed to make you fail? I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed this or not.

Many internet gurus make money out of people who don’t know how to make money online. There should be nothing wrong with that so long as we are willing to pay for usable knowledge and tools. But many internet marketers are going beyond what is fair and honest.

Their sales pages were craftily written in a way that it appeals to your emotions. It captures your attention because they appeal mostly on the things that you hope for. But sadly many of what is written there are half-truths.

They know you came online because you heard of the internet “gold rush”. So they sweetly say you can easily make money online. Just buy their marketing program and you’ll be making lots of money that you’ll be firing your boss by the next full moon.

They flaunt you with claims on how they paid off their once upon a time gazillion debts by using a “proven marketing system” that earned them lots of income. They say it’s a guarded a secret which they can only reveal it to you if you pay for it.

So basically they’re selling you hope. They make their living selling hope. Uh oh, not the cigarette called Hope. It’s the hope that makes you wake up in the morning and move on to work.

The problem comes when they deliberately design their marketing programs to make you fail. Yes they want you to fail because they know that you will come running back to them to get another hope fixed by buying their new product.

That’s a fact that we can’t deny. We can’t eliminate it either but we can avoid it. Just like in the real world there are people who are bent on defrauding other innocent fellows.

So be careful when buying another hope.


  • goofblogger

    Buying ‘hope’ is not a good plan. You have to have faith in your own abilities and allow yourself to evolve. You can learn from others, but that doesn’t matter that you have to constantly fork over your wallet to do so.

  • Pinoy Rich Jerk

    you are absolutely right…false hopes are so numerous nowadays on this business…we must be extra careful in choosing the right program for us..otherwise, we will wake up the next day with nothing at all…;)

  • TrinaB

    I ignore them all. I learn by teaching myself, visiting blogs that are already successful helps.

  • Timothy Smith

    Hi, I liked your post on hope so much that it inspired me to write one of my own! Your insights are correct about some marketers wanting people to fail. It drives me crazy when these so-called gurus call themselves internet marketers when all they really are is salesmen/saleswomen! Marketing is so much more than pushing the latest rehashed or new product. “Real” marketing is focused on building relationships, brand loyalty, creating value that will make the customer want to return because your product(s) actually helped them. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • freezine

    Goofblogger, Pinoy Rich Jerk, TrinaB thanks for reading and sharing your insights.

    Timothy Smith, I didn’t expect that you’ll find this short ramble inspiring. Great thanks for the additional insights. I look forward to reading your post.