Amusing Keyword Search Results

On my last post I reported on how I use Google Suggest tool (combined with Google external keyword tool) as an easy and quick way to research for keywords which internet surfers are likely typing on their search box. My goal is to target what usual surfers are looking for a particular subject so that my post may appear on their search results.

This tool, as reviewed by some SEO experts, has its own limitations. If you are researching for keywords that you might be using for your PPC campaigns then you may consider buying comprehensive keyword research software.

I recently stumbled into some amusing keyword search results with Google Suggest tool. You may not believe that people are really typing those phrases on the search box. Here are some screenshots:


  • Tanner (does Utah marketing)

    Pretty funny! Especially entertaining if you are looking for something serious and happen to stumble upon a search query like these ones. I wonder if Google has edited the suggestions to make them humorous, or if a lot of people are searching for those phrases.

  • Phil

    that’s quite interesting and funny…

  • Mainstream180

    I got a good laugh at Google’s suggested search terms when I started typing out “Hillary Clinton” in the search bar a few months back.

    Don’t know if it still works, but at the time, Google’s suggested search terms were not mentionable among polite company.

  • Free NX

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