Affiliate Product Comparison Review

In this post Panda era where Google no longer tolerates sites with weak information, the only solution to ramp up and improve your SEO efforts in getting your affiliate sites ranked is to add value. Not only that, giving more detailed information about your affiliate products also helps in better conversions as you drive visitors to your site.

One plausible way to add value is to attach a comparison chart that objectively evaluates the affiliate products you are promoting with regards to their features and product specifications. Potential buyers love to be able to compare products before purchase so that they can have the satisfaction of getting the best deal.

That is why the Affiliate Product Comparison plugin comes in so useful for Amazon affiliate marketers!

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to be able to grab this product. Before this, I had to spend up to 30 minutes-1 hour researching and building one Amazon product comparison chart. Sometimes it really gets on my nerves because for some products, it is difficult to find common grounds to compare.

However all this have changed with this plugin. I can create more than 10 comparison charts in the same amount of time… Yes it is that powerful!

The plugin comes with 12-page manual that includes simple step by step installation and usage instructions. The best part is Edwin completes the package with a personal Multisite license. So you can basically use this plugin on any site you own!

This is how the plugin works: Once you have installed the plugin into your WordPress dashboard, the next step is to configure your API keys and other options. Configuration steps are spelt out very clearly in the manual with screenshots and step by step directions.

After which, to create your comparison chart, you just have to enter your niche, product or brand into the field provided, hit the submit button then sit back and watch the plugin work its wonder, pulling products from Amazon which are relevant to the keyword you entered.

Subsequently, choose the products you wish to promote, select them and hit the submit button again. You will come to a page where you get to pick which attributes of the products you wish to compare. Fill that up and instantly, your comparison chart is created.

What is so cool about this is that users can actually see whether the products have ratings and reviews at the product selection stage. Furthermore, there is also the option of filtering out products by minimum or maximum price so you can choose to affiliate products of certain price ranges.

One downside is that the plugin can only pull in a maximum of 50 Amazon products in one search. Nevertheless, more often than not, you’ll find at least 3 products that you are comfortable to go ahead creating the comparison chart with.

A brilliant time saver and most importantly a rescuer from painful hair-pulling experiences doing it by hand, I highly recommend this plugin to all affiliate marketers who are struggling to find value to add to your content.

Affiliate Product Comparison plugin does all the work for you and does it in style.