Affiliate Marketing Experiment

Affliate ExperimentThere are thousands of internet marketing gurus but most ideas and advices they teach are generalized. No one tells you exactly what they do unless you sign up for a paid membership or buy their ebooks. And most often than not, you will be showered with lengthy hypes. Maybe it’s time to do something while sifting through all these hypes.

This month I’ll start a simple experiment on affiliate marketing and make money online opportunities. My objective is to determine whether average surfers with no prior marketing background can make money from the internet. (Are you familiar with this line? You can find it in advertisements and testimonials.)

Experiment? Weird term for a project. I read somewhere that you should not treat your online business as a project but treat it as a process. Am I breaking that guideline here? hehehe. It’s a continuous project anyway.

Affiliate Programs to Promote
I’ll be focusing mainly in promoting two of my chosen affiliate products from Moreniche. Although I can see that these niches are quiet competitive now, I will start my internet marketing journey by promoting Aloeride and Proactol – both beauty and health products.

Note: If you have just joined or will be joining Moreniche as an affiliate, please don’t be surprise if you’ll find out that this affiliate site has more of adult affiliate products than health and beauty ones. I met some friends from Social sites that have negative views about the adult products. Male enhancers can be profitable niches

Make Money Online sites
As for make money online sites I’ll be focusing on Ximmy and Widgetbucks.

I chose Ximmy because it’s a social search engine site that doesn’t require you to publish paid reviews on your blog. You just write your story or review about a certain topic of your choice.

Methods and tools
I’ll be using conventional methods in promoting affiliate products such as article marketing, forum promotion, and FFA advertising. I’ll be submitting one article per day to article directories.

I cannot go on with the pay-per-click method (PPC) for now because I don’t have any budget yet. Maybe, I will enter the PPC game in the future.

I’ll follow the affiliate marketing basics I have posted the past days. I will rely heavily with the marketing guidelines and tools which are provided by Moreniche for it’s newbie affiliates.

Time and Duration
3 months for Moreniche products. For Ximmy maybe one month, and for Widgetbucks, it could be 2 months or more depending on the traffic.

Update June 2009: This Experiment FAILED as I didn’t know where to get backlinks and I was an idiot, a total beginner.

Well, now I’m a lesser idiot I guess.

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  • Troy Franklin

    Interesting experiment; hope it works out. I would suggest throwing in some traffic exchanges to add to the experiment!