Enhance Your Surfing Experience with Firefox 3

I’m immensely satisfied with the much improved speed and better performance of Firefox 3. Thanks to Faeryrowan of Faery Dancing for blogging about it which led me to download the official release. While I can’t describe to you in technical terms how good and how really fast it is, I can only describe it to you in a common man’s language that everybody can understand.

Faster surfing. With a slow broadband connection, only up to 380 kpbs, I can now surf the net much faster with Firefox 3. I feel like I’m surfing with a DSL connection.

I can now open up to 40 tabs at one time without crashing but I normally open up to 20 tabs only for optimal performance. This is really cool especially when visiting multiple sites and reciprocating drops on Entrecard.

Faster video streaming. Normally, playing videos with slow internet connections is a pain on the neck. When opening a YouTube video for the first time it will play for several seconds, then pause while it buffers. Then it would play for a few more seconds, pause, and buffer again.

What I used to do is to wait for the video to be totally downloaded and then replay it again just to watch the whole presentation without being distracted by the stop and buffer problem.

With Firefox 3 version, video streaming is really fast and you can watch it immediately while the rest of the file is being downloaded. I can now easily watch Darren Rowse’s or John Chow’s YouTube videos. hehe.

Faster downloading. I noticed that the download time for images, graphics, audio, and videos which usually have large files is significantly faster with the new Firefox version.

If you haven’t downloaded the latest Firefox browser yet or you’re still using IE (Internet Explorer) then I suggest downloading it for a better, faster, and more secured surfing experience.


  • bambit

    I agree, Firefox 3 is the best so far, having incorporated into itself some of the better features of other browsers via plugins. I like Opera’s Speed Dial and now I can have the same in Firefox with the Fast Dial plugin. Honestly speaking F3 is still buggy, but it sure is lightning fast.

  • freezine

    Hi Bambit. I agree, F3 still has some bugs but at least it saves you lots of time as compared with F2.

  • jjmomscashblog

    Thanks for the review. I have heard alot about F3 but had also heard that it had a few bugs. I am thinking about checking it out…can not tolerate listening or watching a video and it stops half way through it and then starts and stops!!!!!!

  • chorva

    thanks for the useful article. i will definitely download firefox 3! 🙂

  • freezine

    @ Jjmomscashblog and Chorva

    You can come back here and let me know how F3 works for you too. Thanks and happy blogging.