A New Webmaster’s Lamentations

When you start to run an affiliate marketing business there are many many things to do and you can easily get overwhelmed. If you want to build and design your own website, you need to learn how to edit codes, upload your files to a webhost, and manage your cpanel, and so on until your new affiliate site is flying on the web.

You get some sort of glee when you see the site finally running after days and days of tinkering with the design. But after some moment you’ll wonder how people can find your new site. You read from ebooks that without people to visit your site, you can’t make a sale. You wonder now how to drive traffic to your new kingdom. Your happy moment will again turn into some gloomy air when upon typing your most beloved url on the search box, Google and Yahoo won’t show your new website address nor any shadow of it.

Again, you will read ebooks suggesting that you should optimize your new website for Search Engines to crawl it. You are then advised to put those Meta tags, Meta descriptions, and Meta keywords. You need to put related alt tags to your images, make sure that your main keyword has a good keyword density, put meta robots, and all those funky SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuffs. Yay, you have to revisit your slow loading cpanel again just to insert all those needed codes on all of your site pages.

Now, at last all suggested site optimization is done. You even created an XML Sitemap so to help Google easily crawl and index your new site. Finally, you type your new url on the search box and, wahla, there comes out your new websites address, all with it’s complete head and tail.

But again you wonder, people won’t care about your url. They never heard about it. It would not be the keyword they’ll be typing when they search for something. Well, at least for this time your new website is finally recognized by those giant search engines. From now on you need to create links and maybe tons of links for Google and Yahoo to elevate your websites ranking.

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