350K Subscribers In His FIRST 14 Months Review

They say that “Money is in the list.”

Over the years, much emphasis has been placed on having a list. However, many are struggling to get a substantial list of subscribers who dig their content. Marketers are constantly in search of the best list building strategies so as to help them in their list building efforts.

Nothing beats the candid and blatantly honest interview with John Cornetta on his strategy where he built a list of 350K subscribers in his first 14 months in the internet business.

In David Eisner’s WSO, there is a 90min+ video of the interview he conducted with John Cornetta which can be streamed online or downloaded. He also included an audio version of the interview as well as the transcript. What was really useful is another PDF file in the package that condensed the 90min+ interview into simplified notes. Bonuses included 2 downloadable videos on How To Become A FORCE In The IM Niche – NOW and Dual Action Affiliate Profits.

John Cornetta has been working with many on solo ads, ad swapping etc. and provided great value even to people with a small list. However, no one knew how he builds his list until now. In these 90 minutes of interview, he did not hold anything back and shared freely about his strategies. A lot of his techniques are commonsensical and easy to set up but none of us are actually doing it.

This interview will make you stop, think and take a long look at the list building strategies you are currently employing at the moment and compare it with the tactics shared by John.

If you want to build an enormous list in the fastest and most effective way, and you are looking to learn from someone, this interview with John Cornetta should be at the top of your list. It is not frequent that someone like John comes up and tells you everything he does to achieve his success.

Even if you already have a list that you have built using your own methods, going through this product will let you find several golden nuggets to further explode your current list-building efforts.

Definitely a WSO not to be missed, it shows you how John started from nothing and in 14 months, generated a responsive list of 350K+ subscribers. The little amount of time he took to achieve this blows minds. It is nothing completely new actually because John simply explored time tested list building techniques and brought it to a new level by incorporating some of his own approaches.

This review is nothing compared to what’s inside this package. I have not even covered the two bonuses included. Briefly, How To Become A Force In The Internet Marketing Niche—Now is a 2 hour video that covers in detail the step by step blueprint of Esiner’s whole business strategy from start to finish.

The Dual Action Affiliate Profits is a 50min+ video where Eisner walks you through one of his campaigns that earned him more than $4800 and brought in 600 new BUYERS for his mailing list, all in about 72 hours.

This is the real deal. I would highly recommend you to get it, choose what’s best for you and implement the techniques into your business today.

350K Subscribers In His FIRST 14 Months